Reviewing the 2011 NHL Entry Draft

[No one has been waiting for an update to this data, but I wanted to incorporate ISS' into the analysis.  While the scouting organisation does not rank skaters and goalies together, that information is presented in a way that I can be reasonably incorporate it.  In essence, all I've done is include the number of goalies per round within the framework and adjusted the skaters accordingly--this gives ISS 220 kicks at the can, but that's a minor statistical advantage.]

Going into this year’s draft the consensus was that beyond the top-10 there was little difference between the next 40 or so players and that after that, the draft would be something of a crapshoot (each team having its own ideas on the calibre of particular players).  Without a doubt, the conventional wisdom was spot on.  Collective predictions held up fairly well over the first two rounds, but after the third round prognostication crashed and burned.

The Comparison:

First Two Rounds (all sources)
Myself – 47/61
TSN – 43/61
FC – 40/61
HP – 38/61
RLR – 36/61
THN/ISS – 33/61

First Three Rounds (minus TSN because Bob McKenzie’s list is only the top-60)
Myself – 56/90
FC – 47/90
HP – 46/90
RLR – 45/90
ISS – 41/90
THN – 38/90

All Rounds (this excludes TSN and THN)
Myself – 68/210 (32%)
RLR – 58/210 (27%)
FC – 57/210 (27%)
ISS – 56/220 (25%)
HP – 49/210 (23%)

Listed players taken (not necessarily in order, but those listed to be selected in the draft)
Myself – 147/210 (70%)
ISS – 132/220 (60%)
HP – 100/210 (47%)
RLR – 93/210 (44%)
FC – 93/210 (44%)
Overage players selected: 29
Unranked players taken: 10 [Alexander Ruutu (2-51), Tom Nilsson (4-100), Emil Molin (4-105), Yaroslav Kosov (5-124), Nick Seeler (5-131), Sam Jardine (6-169), Mitchell Theoret (7-185), Jordan Fransoo (7-186), Anton Forsberg (7-188), and Michael Schumacher (7-200)]

The numbers are well below last year (with 72% accuracy and 87% of those listed), but still ahead of the sources used.  One trend I noticed with selections in terms of source-assessments: European skaters were both underrated and the least accurately rated.  The most surprising player not drafted was Jeremy Boyce-Rotevall (Myles Bell had better overall rankings, but with his legal troubles it’s not a surprise that he was not selected).

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)

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