Briefly: I’ve been an Ottawa Senators fan since 1996 when I first moved to the city.  I began writing about hockey with Hockey’s Future back in 2005.  I spent three years contributing articles to the now defunct Hockey Herald (2007-10) and following its collapse decided to start this blog to supply the kind of information and analysis I don’t see enough of in the media.  There’s a ton of information on the Interwebs, but it’s so often scattered that here I hope to put it all together.

The long version: my process in becoming a blogger goes back to the when I drafted into becoming a GM for a fantasy league.  I managed a crappy Chicago Blackhawks team and the need to make it better got me interested in their prospects.  Team depth charts made me aware of Hockey’s Future (who I would write for briefly).  HF connected me to the HFBoards and through that came my opportunity to write for the (now defunct) Hockey Herald.  Towards the end of the run of that blog I became aware of The Silver Seven (on the blogging side of things) and Red Line Report (on the scouting side of things).  All this exposure made me more cognisant of what was missing in my daily intake of hockey news: solid scouting information on prospects along with an emphasis on organisational and player comments with sensible analysis.  Sports journalism trends towards the sensational and reporters have strong prejudices in how and what they report on; bloggers are often worse, although they tended to be better informed when it came to team systems.  When the Hockey Herald died I wanted a place for my draft coverage to go and created this site as a place for that information–a place with scouting reports from the professionals untouched by organisational bias.  I also wanted one place where the best information about the Senators and their organisation could be found and realised that I had to create that space.  That’s no disrespect to other blog sites that have their own particular focus, but over my time blogging here I spend more time searching my own archives for information than going elsewhere (in that sense, mission accomplished).

How and where I get my information has changed slightly since I began Eye on the Sens, primarily in terms of which blogs have the best information.  Over the last year or so The 6th Sens have established themselves as my favourite Senators blog to visit.  Outside the blogosphere nothing has changed.


  1. Hey, love your site! You should come visit us at TheSensForum and introduce yourself!


  2. Need to add your name to this “about” page, I suggest!!

  3. Hello,
    My name is Ryan and I am co-owner of http://www.thefarmclub.net . I am in charge of building up our hockey section with talented, interesting writers.
    I found your site and really enjoyed what I read. I think that you would be a great fit as one of our Sens writers and would love to bring you on board.
    The Farm Club is still a young site – we recently celebrated our first birthday –but we continue to grow at an incredible rate and now reach 50k/month in views based solely on word-of-mouth alone. We have also received our first injection of capital, which we will be using to launch a brand new site design in the very near future. We will also be joining the YardBarker network upon our site launch; a huge opportunity to boost our reach and viewership.
    We can’t offer a paid position (not just yet, anyways) but we can offer a platform for your voice and opinion in front of a growing audience. We do try to offer rewards and goals for our writers, including “featured pieces” on our front page which will grab the most views, as well as promotions in our hierarchy with an eye towards paying those positions in the near future.
    Also, please know that we are not trying to “steal” you away from your current site; we would encourage you to write anywhere and everywhere you can in addition to our site. We only ask that should you contribute to our site, it be original content.We would also like to participate in a link exchange that would be beneficial to both sites.
    If you’re interested, please get back to me and we can discuss details. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Ryan Womeldorf

  4. Hi there,

    Just sent you a tweet, but saw your e-mail address and thought I’d follow up directly.

    As one of Canada’s go-to sources for all things Sens, people look to you for news about the team to get prepped for the next big game. So we want to make sure you’re ready for the puck drop on October 9.

    SUBWAY® Restaurants would like to help you Get Primed prior to game day by delivering their newest recruit. This top secret sandwich is the perfect primer for sports fans set to cheer on the Sens.

    Here’s the idea, you let us know where you are going to be the night before the Senators play the Preds and we will deliver this hot new sandwich for you and your family made just the way you like it.

    Once you’ve had a chance to try the sandwich, we’d love to get your feedback. And feel free to share your #SUBWAYGetPrimed delivery with friends, fans and followers because – who doesn’t love food photos!

    We’re also open to potential contesting on your blog.

    Intrigued? Let me know and we will make it happen.


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