Can the Senators Afford to Trade Filip Kuba?

Over the past week Ottawa Sun reporter Bruce Garrioch has talked about the Senators trying to move veteran defenceman Filip Kuba ( and on The Team 1200 today, August 19, default.asp), saying one of the problems is the team would need to take salary back in order to stay about the Cap floor (48.3 million,  I thought it was worth examining if his claim is true–not the team’s desire to trade Kuba, but the cap problems implied.

Speculation over who will be on Ottawa’s roster is up for debate, but I think it’s reasonable to conclude that (with Kuba) it will consist of all one-way contracts plus Erik Karlsson, Nikita Filatov and David Rundblad.  These salaries (plus buyouts) produce a cap hit of 50,520,833 (via’s calculator).  Removing Kuba takes the Senators below the cap floor (46,820,833).  As I see it, there are numerous alternatives to taking back a player/salary to avoid the floor:

1. Add Mika Zibanejad to the roster (his salary puts them over the floor, 48,595,833)

2. Add Jared Cowen (48,085,833) and any other player from the minors to the roster

3. Add Stephane Da Costa (48,145,833) and any other player from the minors to the roster

4. Etcetera; virtually any combination of two prospects makes up the roughly 1.5 million Ottawa would be short without Kuba

Therefore, the Senators can move Kuba without taking a player back.  I’m not suggesting this is the most probably outcome to such a trade, but it does mean Ottawa is not obliged to take on another team’s problem.

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