Senators News: October 23rd

The Ottawa Sun‘s Bruce Garrioch writes about last night’s game (link), with a quote from AlfredssonI haven’t been this excited in a long time. I thought we did a good job sticking with it. I was able to draw a penalty and that gave us a little bit of a chance and we obviously made the most of it.  There is no sweeter feeling than doing it like this, especially at home. The crowd gets into it. We know (the Jackets) are a team that’s struggling. It’s tough on them, but we knew with the lead they were just going to keep it safe.”  Paul MacLean adds, “We did a good job responding and sticking to it after they took the lead. The leadership shown by the leadership group in the last week has been outstanding. They’ve come to play. They haven’t played spectacular, they’ve just played. They’ve given our team a lot of confidence and that’s when leadership is hard to beat.”

The Ottawa Sun‘s Don Brennan writes about Jason Spezza (link), with Paul MacLean saying “Jason has been a very consistent player for us. He’s really working hard at being a complete player, and I think it has shown in all the games. His shift lengths are always at a good number, he’s shooting the puck a bit more than maybe in the past … he’s been taking a leadership role in the face off responsibilities … I’ve been very pleased with how Jason has played.”

-In the same article Brennan talks about the scoreboard in the arena which stopped working during the game–this is the second time this season that’s happened.  If my memory serves, the scoreboard is meant to be replaced sometime this year.

The Ottawa Citizen‘s Ken Warren writes about last night’s game (link) and includes a good quote from Milan Michalek: “We stayed patient right to the end. Hopefully that gives us confidence, to  win like that. It was a great feeling. Everybody was jumping around, on the  bench and in the room.”

-Joy Lindsay’s Binghamton post-game notes (link) include the following from Kurt Kleinendorst: “I was impressed. I mean, it was night and day — completely night and day. Last night, I could’ve counted on one finger the guys that played up to their potential. Tonight, we didn’t have a passenger. It was a fun game to be a part of, because when we play honest, we’re fine. But if we don’t, we’re not. But I give the guys a lot of credit, because they took it upon themselves and responded.” And “For me, it was no different with Robin than anybody else. It was a bounce-back game, and he bounced back. Right on down the roster, same thing about everybody, with the exception of my one finger. But everybody bounced back. It was good to see. Everybody just showed that they care. The nice thing was they did bounce back, they did compete, they battled hard, they stuck up for one another, and we got the result that we deserved. It was a really good learning experience that can hopefully be a stepping stone to everybody understanding there can be no nights off.”  Kleinendorst said Andre Petersson was the best forward on the team, “He was probably our best forward. Everybody played so well, but I saw so many good things tonight in his game. It wasn’t just his compete level — because the way he played was much more determined — but he even started to do some of the things that new to him. The North American game is a little different than what he’s used to on the big sheets, but I just felt like his whole game was the best I’ve seen him play. And isn’t it amazing how it ended up being the best production he’s had for us? Just goes to show you that when you play the right way, you get rewarded, as an individual, and as a team. I’m very happy for him; he needed that, as well.”

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