Binghamton at the Thirty-Game Mark

Binghamton has now played 30 games and it’s time to take a look at how they’ve done over the last 10 (for the previous review go here link). The B-Sens are 3-7-0, marginally better than their previous segment, with the team still struggling due to injuries and call-ups. They continue to be 5th in the division, 15th in the conference, and are now 30th in the league (down from 28th). They are tied for 24th in goals for (down from 23rd) and tied for 28th in goals against (down from 24th). Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):
Stephane Da Costa 9-2-6-8 -4
Pat Cannone 10-1-5-6 -1
Andre Petersson 6-4-1-5 +3 INJ 4
David Dziurzynski 7-2-3-5 Even INJ 3  
Mike Hoffman
10-3-1-4 -4
Mike Bartlett 10-2-2-4 -3
Eric Gryba 9-1-3-4 +1 INJ 1
Mark Borowiecki 10-0-4-4 +1
Corey Locke 2-0-2-2 Even INJ 8
Mark Parrish 5-1-1-2 -4 INJ 5
Josh Godfrey 5-1-1-2 Even INJ 5
Patrick Wiercioch 6-0-2-2 Even INJ 4
Brandon Svendsen 2-0-1-1 +1 (ECHL 9-1-6-7)
Derek Grant 5-1-0-1 Even INJ 5
Riley Armstrong 4-0-1-1 -1 INJ 6
Corey Cowick 10-0-1-1 -3
Nikita Filatov 1-0-0-0 Even (NHL then KHL)
Louie Caporusso 1-0-0-0 Even (ECHL 5-4-1-5)
Jack Downing 3-0-0-0 -1 (ECHL 8-4-4-8)
Mike Ratchuk 4-0-0-0 -2 (ECHL 7-0-3-3)
Tim Conboy
4-0-0-0 -3 INJ 6
Maxime Gratchev
7-0-0-0 -3 INJ 3  
Francis Lessard
9-0-0-0 -1 INJ 1
Craig Schira 9-0-0-0 -9 SCR 1
Wacey Hamilton 10-0-0-0 -4
Bobby Raymond 10-0-0-0 -5
Jim O’Brien DNP (injured)
Robin Lehner 2-4-0 2.93 .914 INJ 2 GAA improved
Mike McKenna 1-3-0 2.86 .919 GAA and SV improved
Brian Stewart 0-0-0 ECHL (6-2-0 3.16 .906, GAA and SV declined)

A few thoughts: the team continued to struggle to score due to key injuries. Andre Petersson was just rounding into form when he was knocked out of the lineup, but Stephane Da Costa is an addition who has provided regular offence.  Other positives include unexpected production from Borowiecki and Gryba; Borowiecki, along with Petersson, were the only plus players on the team; both goaltenders have goals against under 3.00.  On the negative side of the ledger is Craig Schira‘s -9 and the continued lack of offence from depth players.  Overall, with the team starting to get healthy their results should improve.  I’ll be curious to see if the organisation trades veterans like Locke and Conboy to give them a chance to go on a playoff run elsewhere.


Senators News: December 18th; Binghamtom 2, Worcester 5

-A lot has been written about the TurrisRundblad trade and I’ll start with The Ottawa Sun‘s Bruce Garrioch (link) who talks about the process and how Murray had been pursuing him since the fall and that Sportsnet‘s Nick Kypreos likes the deal for Ottawa .  Senators Extra‘s James Gordon (link) muses that Murray’s rhapsodic waxings are essentially the same he made in 2009 when he traded for Rundblad in the first place.  The Team 1200‘s Steve Lloyd (link) talks about the risk of trading for potential but adds “you can live with giving up Rundblad as it has become apparent that the big money on the blue-line will be going to Karlsson and eventually Cowen for the foreseeable future.”  The implication being that a successful Rundblad would be too expensive is an odd argument to make (I certainly don’t agree with it).  Senshot‘s Jared Crozier (link) doesn’t like the trade at all, “Rundblad has had some growing pains, but his pedigree shows that once he makes the transition to the North American game, he could be a star.  Turris is by no means in his prime yet, but in 4 years as a pro he has yet to make a real impact in the NHL.  I don’t believe for a minute based on what I have seen (admittedly limited exposure) or heard that he just needs a change in venue to suddenly become a breakout star.”  Finally, The Silver Seven‘s Mark Parisi tries to argue that Rundblad became expendable because of Brian Lee (link) because of the crowded.  This lack of space is short term (Kuba isn’t staying and Gonchar isn’t long term either) and ignores the possibility of sending him to Binghamton, but I can’t criticise Parisi too much because Bryan Murray made very similar comments when discussing the trade.

So what’s my opinion of the trade?  It can’t fully be judged for years, but in the short-term I give the edge to Phoenix.  David Rundblad has fantastic pedigree and only a short history in the pro game–there’s plenty of room to grow and develop.  The Coyotes also got a 2nd round pick from the Senators, which will be a mid-to early pick who has a decent chance to turning into an NHL player down the line.  For Ottawa, they get a well-scouted and known quantity in Kyle Turris who can dominate in the AHL but has yet to establish himself in the NHL.  Many argue that Turris wasn’t given the opportunity to grow, but I don’t think Dave Tippett would deny him ice time if he thought Turris would help him win.  The acquisition makes it clear the Sens don’t see either Peter Regin, Nick Foligno, or Stephane Da Costa as near-term solutions and that may not go down well with any of them.  The silver-lining for the Sens is that should the lightbulb go on for Turris his upside is better than Rundblad‘s, but that’s a big “if”.

-Binghamton lost 5-2 to Worcester last night, with Mike McKenna taking the loss and Mark Parrish and Mike Bartlett scoring.  For the box score go here link and for Joy Lindsay’s game summary go here link.  In Joy’s post-game report (link) she reports “Patrick Wiercioch, who suffered a throat injury when he was struck by a puck last Friday, was at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena to watch the game.”  On the loss Kurt Kleinendorst said, “We made too many mistakes, and when we make mistakes, the puck’s ending up in the back of our net. That’s just the way it is right now.”  He liked the play of Mike Ratchuk, Mark Borowiecki, Corey Cowick, and Tim Conboy.

-Elmira won 4-3 last night and Louie Caporusso had a huge game with a hat-trick and an assist; Jack Downing added a goal and an assist.

-ISS has released their latest 2012 draft rankings (for the previous rankings go here link; I’ve listed their previous rank in brackets if it’s changed):
1. Grigorenko, Mikhail, RW 5/16/94 L 6.03.25 200 Québec QMJHL
2. Yakupov, Nail, LW 10/6/93 L 5.10.5 189 Sarnia OHL
3. Forsberg, Filip, RW 8/13/94 R 6.01 176 Leksands SweAl
4. Murray, Ryan, LD 9/27/93 L 6.00.5 201 Everett WHL
5. Dumba, Matt, RD 7/25/94 R 5.11.75 183 Red Deer WHL
6. Trouba, Jacob, RD 2/26/94 R 6.02 196 USA Under-18 NTDP
7. Gaunce, Brendan, C 3/25/94 L 6.02 215 Belleville OHL (9)
8. Aberg, Pontus, LW 9/23/93 R 5.11 187 Djurgarden SweE
9. Rielly, Morgan, LD 3/9/94 L 5.11.5 190 Moose Jaw WHL (10)
10. Ceci, Cody, RD 12/21/93 R 6.02.5 207 Ottawa OHL (11)
11. Maatta, Olli, LD 8/22/94 L 6.01.5 202 London OHL (13)
12. Reinhart, Griffin, LD 1/24/94 L 6.03.75 207 Edmonton WHL
13. Koekkoek, Slater, LD 2/18/94 L 6.02 184 Peterborough OHL (7)
14. Maidens, Jarrod, C 3/4/94 L 6.00.5 178 Owen Sound OHL
15. Collberg, Sebastian, RW 2/23/94 R 5.11 Vastra SweJE (16)
16. Athanasiou, Andreas, C 8/6/94 L 6.00 179 London OHL (23)
17. Frk, Martin, RW 10/5/93 L 5.11.5 204 Halifax QMJHL (15)
18. Galchenyuk, Alexander, RW 2/12/94 L 6.00.5 198 Sarnia OHL (17)
19. Girgensons, Zemgus, F 1/5/94 L 6.01.25 201 Dubuque USHL (20)
20. Pouliot, Derrick, D 1/16/94 L 5.11.25 186 Portland WHL (18)
21. Kerdiles, Nicholas, C/L 1/11/94 L, 6.01.5 200 USA Under-18 NTDP (19)
22. Slepyshev, Anton, LW 5/13/94 R 6.02 187 Novokuznetsk KHL (25)
23. Matheson, Mike, LD 2/27/94 L 6.01.25 180 Dubuque USHL (21)
24. Finn, Matthew, LD 2/24/94 L 6.00.25 195 Guelph OHL (29)
25. Sissons, Colton, C/R 11/5/93 L 6.01 189 Kelowna WHL (24)
26. Bystrom, Ludvig, LD 7/29/94 L 6.00.75 208 Modo SweE (NR)
27. Wilson, Thomas, RW 3/29/94 R 6.03.5 203 Plymouth OHL (26)
28. Faksa, Radek, LW 1/9/94 L 6.03 202 Kitchener OHL (NR)
29. Matteau, Stefan, LW 2/23/94 L 6.01 210 USA Under-18 NTDP (NR)
30. Skjei, Brady, LD 3/26/1994 L 6.03 203 USA Under-18 NTDP (28)
Falling out of the top-thirty: Nick Ebert (22), Gianluca Curcuruto (27), and Dalton Thrower (30).