Senators News: February 14th

Craig Anderson is expected to start tonight against Tampa Bay.

Wayne Scanlan reminds us that the 1967 Leafs were the last team to win the Stanley Cup when giving up more goals than they scored in a season.  Ottawa, along with Florida and Calgary, will undoubtedly fit that category if they make it to the dance.  It’s an interesting article and worth reading, but I think the best way to describe the chances for the Sens is that no team since the original six has won the Cup with a minus differential.

-Paul MacLean identifies defensive play as the team’s continual problem, “A lot of the time, our game revolves around playing defence fast, but at some point in time, you have to play in your own zone. If there’s one thing that has been a bit of an issue for us over the course of the season, it’s that when we have to to be dedicated to playing defence in our zone, we sometimes don’t do it well. That’s going to become a focus for us going forward.”  Ken Warren says Bryan Murray will aggressively pursue a veteran defenceman–if he’s right, let’s hope whoever it is can skate.

-Bobby Butler has no explanation for his recent success other than “I’m trying a new stick.”

TSN, Sportsnet, and The Hockey News‘ power rankings are out, with Ottawa 14th, 20th, and 18th.

Bob McKenzie confirms the rumours that Rick Nash is available for the right price and points out this could only be the case if Nash himself was willing to move (because of his no-movement clause).  Given that Nash can control where he goes, the usual considerations (west to east) isn’t necessarily in play, but I don’t believe Ottawa would be a successful suitor (nor would I want them to give up their depth to get him).  Greg Wyshynski writes that the Rangers, Capitals, Stars, Red Wings, and Penguins appear to be willing to take a serious run at Nash.

-I have no idea why any team wants Jeff Carter.  He’s signed forever, has struggled with serious injuries and his production has stagnated.

Ken Campbell writes about the flaccid discipline handed out by Brendan Shanahan and how it’s essentially as bizarre and inconsistent as it was under Colin Campbell.