Senators News: March 8th; Binghamton 2, Toronto 0

Ben Bishop will get the start tonight against the Rangers.  Jim O’Brien returns from injury and Zenon Konopka draws out of the lineup.

Peter Chiarelli made an interesting comment about scouting, ‘when he was in Ottawa that the team did some research into drafting, and one of the conclusions was that “weight is much more important than height when scouting players.”‘  Unfortunately the comment isn’t qualified (presumably Erik Karlsson would fail by that standard), but it’s an interesting comment that trends against the conventional wisdom for height.

Stu Hackel writes about his coach of the year candidates, beginning with this proviso, “the NHL Broadcasters Association, which is in charge of the award, generally selects a coach whose season is marked by a conspicuously measurable result. If a coach guides a team to a big improvement over the previous year, he’ll get very serious consideration. So will a coach who has been able to keep his team winning despite serious obstacles, such as many and/or key injuries to his players, such as Pittsburgh’s Dan Bylsma did last season and is doing again, or getting his team to play well despite the franchise’s off-ice problems, as Dave Tippett did two seasons ago in Phoenix. Those are really good standards, and it’s hard to fault them. They reflect excellent coaching. But they also tend to shortchange some guys who more consistently push the right buttons and get strong outcomes year after year.”  Here are his thoughts on Paul MacLean, “No one expected much from the young Senators this season, perhaps not even the organization itself. But they’ve been one of the NHL’s big surprises and MacLean has been a huge part of that. He’s managed the expectations very well, and his long NHL playing and coaching experience has informed this group, giving it direction. He’s provided a big change in culture from the tense atmosphere he inherited and put the Sens on an upward path. For a first-year head coach, that’s very impressive.”

Robin Lehner made 22 saves to shutout the Toronto Marlies yesterday afternoon.  Mark Borowiecki had the winner and Corey Cowick added an empty-netter.  Here’s the box score and Joy Lindsay‘s game summary.

Joy Lindsay Tweets today’s lines at practice: Cowick-Hamilton-Parrish, Grant-Cannone-Petersson, Dziurzynski-Da Costa-Downing, Bartlett-Lessard; Borowiecki-Gryba, Henningson-Conboy, Wiercioch-Schira, Godfrey.


Binghamton at the Sixty-Game Mark

Binghamton has played 60 games and it’s time to take a look at how they’ve done over the last 10 (for the previous segment go here link). The B-Sens were 4-5-1, precisely the same record as the previous ten game segment. They continue to be 5th in the division, 15th in the conference, and 30th in the league. They are 20th in goals for (up from 21st) and remain 28th in goals against. Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):

Corey Locke 9-5-5-10 +1 INJ 1
Mike Hoffman 10-5-4-9 Even
Pat Cannone 10-3-3-6 +2
Rob Klinkhammer 7-1-4-5 -2 (NHL 2-0-0-0 +2)
Derek Grant 10-2-3-5 +2
Andre Petersson 10-1-4-5 Even
Eric Gryba 10-1-4-5 -1
Mark Parrish 7-2-2-4 -3 INJ 3
Craig Schira 9-0-3-3 +7 SCR 1
Mark Borowiecki 10-2-1-3 Even
Stephane Da Costa
6-0-2-2 INJ 4
Jack Downing 9-1-1-2 +2 (ECHL 1-0-1-1 -1) SCR 2
Dan Henningson 10-1-1-2 +2
Mike Bartlett 10-1-1-2 -2
Tim Conboy
10-0-2-2 +1
David Dziurzynski
10-0-2-2 -2
Corey Cowick 1-1-0-1 +2 (ECHL 11-3-2-5 -1)
Josh Godfrey 6-0-1-1 -4 (ECHL 1-0-0-0 +1) SCR 3
Patrick Wiercioch 10-0-1-1 +2
Wacey Hamilton 10-0-1-1 -2 (ECHL 1-0-1-1 +1)
Francis Lessard 5-0-0-0 Even SCR 4
Bobby Raymond (ECHL 2-0-1-1 +6) SCR 6
Louie Caporusso (injured)
Ben Bishop 2-1-0 2.35 .944 (NHL 1-0-0 3.00 .893)
Mike McKenna 0-3-1 2.92 .919 GAA and SV improved
Robin Lehner 2-1-0 3.24 .907 (NHL 2-2-0 2.01 .935) GAA and SV improved
Brian Stewart (ECHL 4-1-0 2.71 .914, GAA improved)

Corey Locke lead the team in scoring during the segment and now leads them overall (despite missing 22 games).  Mike Hoffman continues to produce (second in scoring), although he’s without a point in his last three games.  Craig Schira, who had been in the midst of a horrible year, lead the team in plus/minus, while Josh Godfrey was at the bottom at -4.  Eric Gryba was the most productive blueliner and is closing in on the team lead for defensive scoring (an area Binghamton is not very good at).  Newly acquired Ben Bishop along with Robin Lehner earned all the wins through the ten games, but Mike McKenna‘s numbers (GAA and SV) continue to improve.