Binghamton at the Seventy-Game Mark

Binghamton has played 70 games and it’s time to take a look at how they’ve done over the last 10 (for the previous segment go here link). The B-Sens were 3-5-2 for ten points (one less than the previous ten game segment). They continue to be 5th in the division, 15th in the conference, and 30th in the league. They are tied for 20th in goals for (unchanged) and remain 28th in goals against. Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):

Pat Cannone 10-3-5-8 -3
Andre Petersson 9-6-0-6 -2 INJ 1
Patrick Wiercioch 10-2-4-6 -3
David Dziurzynski
10-2-3-5 -2
Mike Hoffman
10-2-3-5 -4
Jack Downing 10-1-4-5 +1
Stephane Da Costa 10-1-4-5 -2
Mark Parrish 10-2-2-4 -5
Craig Schira 10-2-1-3 -2
Wacey Hamilton
10-2-1-3 -5
Derek Grant
 10-0-3-3 -2
Tim Conboy 6-0-2-2 +2 INJ 4
Dan Henningson 10-1-1-2 -5
Mark Borowiecki 10-0-2-2 -2
Corey Cowick
6-0-1-1 Even (ECHL 4-4-1-5 +4) SCR 1
Eric Gryba
 8-1-0-1 -4 INJ 2
Josh Godfrey 8-0-1-1 Even SCR 2
Mike Bartlett 
9-0-1-1 +1 SCR 1
Louie Caporusso 6-0-0-0 Even (ECHL 2-3-1-4 Even) INJ 2
Cole Schneider 5-0-0-0 Even
Matt Puempel 3-0-0-0 Even SCR 2
Francis Lessard DNP SCR 10
Corey Locke (injured)
Bobby Raymond (ECHL 13-1-5-6 +7)
Mike McKenna 1-2-1 2.98 .917 (pulled once) GAA and SV decreasing
Robin Lehner 2-3-1 3.23 .908 (pulled twice) GAA and SV improved
Brian Stewart (ECHL 5-1-1 2.56 .917) GAA and SV improved

With Corey Locke out for the rest of the season, Pat Cannone lead the team in points playing on a line with Andre Petersson (who lead the team in goals).  Patrick Wiercioch is finally back to producing the way he was prior to his throat injury and his six points are double the next nearest blueliner.  Mike McKenna‘s numbers have started to slide the wrong way while Robin Lehner‘s are slowly improving.  Jack Downing and Tim Conboy were the only players to finish on the plus side of the ledger, while Mark Parrish, Wacey Hamilton, and Dan Henningson shared the team worst -5.  Rookies Matt Puempel and Cole Schneider have yet to produce on the ice, but neither is a minus player.


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