Ottawa 1, Carolina 2

I was at tonight’s game and as expected it was a letdown with the Sens having secured their playoff spot.  The game was slow and dull, despite a rambunctious crowd.  It wasn’t a stellar night for the officials (Greg Kimmerly and Chris Rooney), but the Sens suffered more from a no-goal call under video review (continuing the trend of rulings against them this season) and sloppy play throughout the game.  Here’s the box score.  I don’t have my period-by-period breakdown, but there frankly weren’t many meaningful plays in the game.  The biggest moments not mentioned above were Chris Neil‘s breakaway (stopped by Ward) and Erik Karlsson saving a goal when Anderson fanned on the puck while out of his net.

A look at the goals:
1. Carolina, Sutter
Begun by a Condra turnover, Sutter’s harmless shot simply goes through Anderson
2. Carolina, Ruutu (pp)
Deflected the puck in off Kuba
3. Spezza (Greening, Alfredsson)
Great play in front of the net by Greening to get Spezza an empty net to shoot in

Chris Neil – scored a goal (called back) and tried to add energy to the game

Players Who Struggled:
Craig Anderson – let in a bad goal and nearly surrendered another (Karlsson bailed him out)



  1. The refs were horrible. The penalties for clean checks by CHris Neil changed the game. Hopefully this kind nonsense does not continue into the playoffs. The head official was at the game… ouch.

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