Reviewing the 2012 NHL Entry Draft

In what was described as a weak to average draft there was little consensus beyond the top-10 (just like in 2011).  Scouts said that little separated players ranked 11-40 and the conventional wisdom was spot on–exact predictions got hammered this year as compared to the previous two drafts.

Acronyms: EOTS (Eye on the Sens), TSN (Bob McKenzie), FC (Future Considerations), HP (Hockey Prospects), RLR (Red Line Report), THN (The Hockey News), ISS (International Scouting Service), and McK (McKeen’s)

First round
Player X at Position X
TSN 5/30
HP/FC/ISS/McK 2/30
Players picked for the round
TSN 27/30
McK 26/30
RLR 25/30
EOTS/THN 24/30
ISS/FC/HP 22/30

Second Round
Exact Placements
TSN 2/31
Round Placements
TSN 18/31
EOTS/RLR/McK 12/31
THN 11/31
HP 10/31
ISS/FC 6/31

Third Round (minus TSN because Bob McKenzie’s list is only the top-60)
EOTS/HP 1/30
RLR 8/30
EOTS/HP 7/30
FC/McK 6/30
THN 4/30
ISS 3/30

Fourth Round (minus THN because their list is only the top-100)
McK/FC 1/30
McK 6/30
HP 5/30
EOTS 4/30
FC 3/30
RLR 2/30
ISS 1/30

Fifth Round (minus McK because their list is only the top-120)
Incredibly (or perhaps not), none of the sources had an exact prediction for the rest of the draft
FC 6/30
EOTS 5/30
HP 4/30
ISS 3/30
RLR 1/30

Sixth Round
FC 3/30
EOTS/HP 2/30
RLR/ISS 1/30

Seventh Round
EOTS 3/30

All Rounds (this excludes TSN, THN, and Mckeen’s because they did not predict the entire draft):
EOTS 57/211 (27.0%)
HP 52/211 (24.6%)
RLR 51/211 (24.2%)
FC 48/211 (22.7%)
ISS 38/211 (18.0%)

This represents a 5% drop from last year for me and most of my sources (except for HP which marginally improved).  The results for ISS were particularly abysmal.  However, the business of slotting players in specific rounds doesn’t get much better than the low 30s% so to fully assess how well we picked players who would be drafted, here’s the listed players taken in the draft (again, only using those who predicted the entire draft):
EOTS 160/211 (75.8%)
RLR 156/211 (73.9%)
HP 152/211 (72.0%)
FC 150/211 (71.1%)
ISS 146/220 (70.4%) (ISS’ picks can’t be cut down to 211 because of the way they are put together)
Unranked players taken: 23 (10.9%)
Players from European leagues: 35 (16.6%)
Note: I didn’t use Corey Pronman‘s (of Hockey Prospectus) list, but his tally: 110/125 (88.0%)

This is a 5% improvement in predicting the total number of players taken compared to last year.  All the source numbers rose as well.  The most consistent predictions remain the top-100 players.  The highest ranked player who was not drafted was Russian Anton Slepyshev (ranked as a second or third rounder, #50 on my list), followed by Dane Fox (#57).  No other player went undrafted who was listed by at least six sources, but three other prospects picked by five were on the outside looking in (Cody Corbett (#102), Andrei Makarov (#107), and Marcus McIvor (#122)).  Among the unranked players selected, many were older (like Sergei Kostenko), one re-entered the draft (Frederik Andersen), but there wasn’t the usual dominance of unknown Europeans (10 of the 23 were from Europe).

Here’s the list of the highest ranked players not taken from each source (CSNA=Central Scouting North America, CSE=CS Europe, CSNAG= CSNA Goalies, CSNG=CSE Goalies):
#46 Dane Fox
#70 Max Iafrate
#79 Devin Tringale
#10 Anton Slepyshev
#13 Vyacheslav Osnovin
#19 Erik Thorell
#7 Andrei Makarov
#8 Patrik Bartosak
#4 Jean Auren
#6 Mathias Israelsson
ISS skaters
#36 Anton Slepyshev
#54 Dane Fox
#66 Emil Lundberg
ISS goaltenders
#13 Joonas Toivonen
#15 Patrik Bartosak
#41 Anton Slepyshev
#44 Andrei Makarov
#45 Dane Fox
#60 Dane Fox
#78 Anton Slepyshev
#93 Brett Foy
#48 Anton Slepyshev
#63 Emil Lundberg
#66 Cody Corbett
#60 Dane Fox
#67 Anton Slepyshev
#75 Henri Ikonen
Corey Pronman
#17 Anton Slepyshev
#42 Nathan Walker
#49 Austin Cangelosi



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