Senators News: July 4th

Darren Kramer writes about his development camp experience and his article is worth reading in full.  It includes an explanation to Robbie Baillargeon‘s mysterious Tweet about rescuing Daniel Alfredsson (“We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to go to [the RCMP] training site to learn some of the ins and outs of rescuing a hostage in addition to acting out some scenarios. We were split up into four groups – three groups that would enter the house and one group of three snipers that camped out in the forest overlooking the house. All the players put the gear on (coveralls, bulletproof vest, mask etc.) and were given guns that shot small paint pellets. Each group had a leader and we were shown pictures of the house and had to come up with a plan to get the hostage out of the house safely. The suspects were some of the RCMP officers helping out; we had no idea how many ‘suspects’ were inside of the house. Let me tell you, we all knew this was not a real scenario but my heart was sure racing the house not knowing what to expect! Our rescue plot ended up working out and we were able to save the hostage, which was a 160-pound dummy that we had to haul out of the three-story house. After that experience I truly gained that much more respect for our officers that risk their lives everyday to save ours!“).  Kramer also talks about the team’s Canada Day scavenger hunt, “All of the prospects went downtown where we were split up into smaller groups and were sent on a scavenger hunt. We couldn’t believe nobody was lost at the end of the day! We were given a list of places and people to find, and that task was hard enough as it was… now include hundreds of thousands of people into the mix. Thankfully, my group ended up winning, maybe it’s because we had Ottawa native Corey Cowick with us who really knows the city.”  Kramer mentioned that he roomed with future Binghamton teammate Chris Wideman.

DaveYoung worries about the Sens reaching the cap floor (echoed by Varada) and wonders if they will sign players to reach it.  I don’t see it, largely because they aren’t as far away from the floor as Dave indicates (he says 5 million, but that’s not based on a full roster).  When the roster is rounded out with Jakob Silfverberg, Mark Borowiecki, and a re-signed Jim O’Brien the Sens payroll is over 52 million.  In addition, the Sens aren’t required to be cap compliant until the season starts and that won’t happen without a new CBA, so the threshold in essence doesn’t exist.

Shane Prince‘s unofficial contract numbers have been posted on Capgeek (0.876).

Hugh Jessiman‘s contract details are also posted (0.600).

-Here’s my profile of Hugh Jessiman.

-I wonder how much of Ryan Suter‘s new salary with the Wild gets kicked back to Shea Weber?


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