Senators News: July 12th

-The Chris Neil signing is now official

Don Brennan echoes himself and Bruce Garrioch (from last week) by writing another article about how the Sens aren’t tough enough.  Unlike in the other columns Brennan actually includes a theory behind why they need to be tougher, “Many feel that Ottawa was able to stage so many third-period comebacks last season partly because opponents knew that if they ran up the score, they’d take a beating from Neil, Konopka or Carkner.”  This is, of course, nonsense, but let me unpack it: both Neil and Carkner were part of the 2010-11 team that didn’t come back on anybody, so unless Konopka by himself was causing comebacks in the games he played, the idea simply doesn’t wash.  There’s really no sense to the sentiment at all, as Carkner barely played last season, Konopka was scratched during the stretch run.  It’s also not an argument based on facts–it’s a “feeling” based on the addition of one player (Konopka).  This argument about toughness has been dynamited over and over again, but oddly has some kind of currency in the blogosphere.  [Travis Yost also points out flaws in the argument.]

Nichols points out that Bruce Garrioch’s (and others) expectation that the Sens can walk away from Kaspars Daugavins after arbitration are wrong.  What they can do is either buy him out or trade him (the latter is more likely).

-Here’s my profile of Tyler Eckford.



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  5. […] -Mark Spector is like the bulk of journalists covering the NHL: most of what he writes is generic and banal, sprinkled with the utterly absurd and, occasionally, mildly sensible.  Today is a trip into loony land as he praises the Oilers’ acquisition of Steve MacIntyre.  This is the same MacIntyre who has failed Edmonton twice beforehand; it’s his third tour of duty with the Oilers who waived him in 2009 and let him walk in 2011.  This is a guy who Florida let walk and the Penguins just waived.  If what MacIntyre provides is so important, why can’t he stick anywhere?  Spector has no answer because he doesn’t question his preconception–he believes something and doesn’t need the facts to get in his way (for the true value of toughness check out the links here). […]

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