Player Profile: Zack Smith

Zack Smith, C/LW, Contract: 0.7/13 (RFA), Drafted 3-79/08 (Murray)
6’2, Shoots L, YOB 1988, Maple Creek, Sask
2008-09 AHL Bing 79-24-24-48 (ppg 0.61) +2 132pim (10 fights)
2009-10 NHL Ott 15-2-1-3 (ppg 0.33) +1 14pim (2 fights) TOI 9:02 FO 47.5
2009-10 AHL Bing 68-14-27-41 (ppg 0.6) -7 100pim (10 fights)
2010-11 NHL Ott 55-4-5-9 (ppg 0.16) -11 120pim (6 fights) TOI 12:36 FO 53.9
2010-11 AHL Bing 22-7-5-12 (ppg 0.54) +3 32pim (2 fights)
2011-12 NHL Ott 81-14-12-26 (ppg 0.32) +4 98pim (8 fights) TOI 14:04 FO 48.9

Zack Smith was an overage player when he was selected in the 2008 NHL draft.  Captain of the Swift Current Broncos, Smith‘s WHL production leapt from 31 to 70 points between drafts, adding to the grit and toughness he was already known for.  Smith had a great training camp and was the last player cut.  He joined a Binghamton team lead by Ilya Zubov and Mattias Karlsson and finished fifth in team scoring.

Heading into the 2009-10 season, hopes were high for Smith, but he was beat out by Peter Regin for a roster spot and was returned to Binghamton.  Smith put up identifical point-per-game results in the AHL, also seeing action in 15 NHL games (the second most for call-ups behind Brian Lee).

In 2010-11 Smith made the Senators out of camp, but was returned to Binghamton in October and bounced back and forth until being permanently retained in late December.  While his Binghamton numbers were essentially the same as the previous two years, his season in Ottawa was much like the rest of the team’s–mixed.  When the regular season ended he was returned to Binghamton where he helped them win the Calder Cup.  Smith struggled in the team’s first series against Manchester, but was strong thereafter and finished fourth in team playoff scoring (23-8-12-20).  He was rewarded with a two-year, one-way deal.

Smith was solid in his first full year in the NHL, providing grit and penalty killing in a third-line role.  His production faded badly in the second half (21 of his 26 points were collected before January), but intangibles made him a useful player even when he wasn’t scoring and he produced more than I predicted (15 points).  I expect his offensive opportunities will be fewer in the upcoming season, so 20 points would be a good year for Smith offensively.

-Smith‘s fight with Nathan Horton
Smith scoring his first goal 
-Smith talking about his one-way contract


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