Player Profile: Daniel Alfredsson

Daniel Alfredsson, RW, Contract: 4.875/13 (UFA) 6-133/94 (Sexton)
5’11, Shoots R, YOB 1972, Goteborg, Swe
2008-09 NHL Ott 79-24-50-74 (ppg 0.93) +7 24pim TOI 20:52
2009-10 NHL Ott 70-20-51-71 (ppg 1.01) +8 22pim TOI 19:39
2010-11 NHL Ott 54-14-17-31 (ppg 0.57) -19 18pim TOI 19:16
2011-12 NHL Ott 75-27-32-59 (ppg 0.78) +16 18pim TOI 18:56

The long time captain of the Ottawa Senators (99-00), Alfredsson‘s days of leading the team in scoring are now behind him.  He had serious injury problems in 10-11 (a very detailed account of the injury can be found here, with Alfredsson‘s thoughts here).  Far and away the longest serving player on the team (and the oldest), there’s no question Alfredsson will retire as a Senator at some point in the near future.  Long gone are the doubts about him as a playoff performer.

The questions about Alfredsson are all health and age related, how much gas is left in the tank?  Given his commitment to fitness there’s no reason to think he can’t continue to be effective until the end of his contract, but will it be his last?  Taking his health as a given, I predicted that Alfredsson would put up 60-65 points and he came through with a 59 point season.  Making the same assumption I think similar totals are in store, irrespective of how the team performs.

Here’s Alfredsson‘s hit on Darcy Tucker; his seven-point game against Tampa; reaching a thousand points; his thousandth game tribute


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