Player Profile: Kyle Turris

Kyle Turris, C, Contract: 3.5/18 (UFA) 1-3/07 (Maloney)
6’1, Shoots R, YOB 1989, New Westminster, BC
2009-10 AHL San Antonio 76-24-39-63 (ppg 0.82) +6 60pim
2010-11 NHL Phoenix 65-11-14-25 (ppg 0.38) Even 16pim TOI 11:16
2011-12 NHL Phoenix 6-0-0-0 (ppg 0.00) -2 4pim TOI 12:43
2011-12 NHL Ottawa 49-12-17-29 (ppg 0.59) +12 27pim TOI 16:51

The third overall pick in the 2007 draft (and friend of Sens prospect Patrick Wiercioch, who he played with in the BCHL), Turris has had a wonky ride to the NHL.  After a year in the NCAA (Wisconsin) he turned pro and played in the NHL under coach Wayne Gretzky before spending the following season in the AHL (finishing second in scoring behind Brett MacLean).  The following year he received fourth-line minutes from Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett.  Believing he would receive a better opportunity elsewhere, Turris held out and despite GM Don Maloney’s assurance that he would not trade him (and rumours Ottawa wasn’t a frontrunner) the Sens landed him in mid-December.

Turris proceeded to have a career year (which isn’t saying much at this point) and signed a lengthy extension in the off-season.  What kind of player is he?  A skilled forward with no physical edge; he doesn’t have first line talent, but looks to be a productive second line center.  The Sens signed him based on potential and the odds are good they are right.  In a full, healthy season I’d expect Turris to produce around 50 points.

Here’s Turris scoring in overtime.


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