Senators News: November 11th; Binghamton 4, Norfolk 2

-Binghamton defeated Norfolk 4-2 last night in a game I was unable to watch.  Robin Lehner earned the win while Corey Cowick, Andre Petersson, Andre Benoit, and Derek Grant scored.  Mark Stone returned to the lineup (sending Cole Schneider to the pressbox).  Both Cowick and Jakob Silfverberg had two points each with Silfverberg leading the team with four shots on goal.

-Elmira lost the final game of its southern road swing 5-3 to Orlando; Kramer, Downing, and Gazley scored while Caporusso, New, and Peltz were held off the score sheet.  Here’s the recap.

Stu Hackel provides additional insight on the CBA negotiations that are worth highlighting (in bold below):

The players contend that if their share of revenue is going to decline in order to help struggling franchises, the owners should have to participate more in that effort than they have in the past and they’ve proposed to do going forward. The NHL has redistributed about $150 million to poorer clubs and plans to raise that to around $190-$200 million. The players’ proposed hiking that figure to $250 million, in part so the problem franchises don’t have ongoing issues that cause the league to threaten yet another lockout when the CBA that is now being negotiated expires. Early on in this process, the NHLPA suggested the creation of an “Industry Growth Fund” to stabilize the game’s economics, with $100 million annually dedicated to the assistance of the clubs in need and a team-by-team plan administered largely by the commissioner’s office. It’s unknown if that idea is still part of the discussion, but wealthy owners have largely opposed enhanced revenue sharing. They contend that the business isn’t large enough for them to give away bigger chunks of their income to assist their weaker brethren. The PA has examined the NHL’s finances and doesn’t agree.

This kind of thing has always amused me.  The owners want the players to help save their business, but they are reluctant to take measures themselves to do so.  For a very technical breakdown of the issues check out Bob McKenzie.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)