Senators News: December 21st

-Binghamton plays Rochester (12-10-3) tonight; the Americans are lead by Marcus Foligno (24 points) and backstopped by David Leggio (11-8-1).  The B-Sens beat Rochester 3-2 in their previous meeting over a month ago.

-Elmira plays Wheeling (10-10-5) tonight; the Nailers are lead by Paul Crowder (18 points) and backstopped through an equal rotation of Patrick Killeen (3-5-4) and Scott Darling (4-5-1).

-I haven’t done an Elmira overview this season so I thought this was as good a time as any to do so.  The Jackals are 12-11-3 which puts them 9th in the Conference.  The team is 5th in goals for and tied for 5th in goals against.  Player stats (those in bold are signed by Ottawa, while those in italics are signed to AHL contracts with Binghamton):
Artem Demkov 26-15-11-26 -4 20pim
Dustin Gazley 20-6-18-24 -7 15pim
Andrew Rowe 26-12-10-22 -11 16pim
Jack Downing 24-8-11-19 Even 13pim
Louie Caporusso 18-6-11-17 +4 6pim
Jean Bourbeau 26-7-6-13 +3 23pim
Jordan Pietrus 26-4-9-13 +7 41pim
Kyle Bushee (D) 26-4-9-13 +1 18pim
Jordon Southorn (D) 25-2-8-10 36pim
Rob Bellamy 26-3-7-10 -3 50pim
Daniel New (D) 17-1-8-9 +2 4pim
Chris Wideman (D) 5-0-5-5 +2 7pim
Darren Kramer 8-3-2-5 Even 31pim
Chaz Johnson 13-4-1-5 +4 55pim
Kevin Harvey 17-2-3-5 -2 59pim
Justin Dacosta (D) 17-0-5-5 Even 6pim
Benjamin Dieude-Fauvel (D) 11-0-4-4 Even 0pim
Brad Peltz 12-2-2-4 +2 10pim
Brandon Blandina 7-1-2-3 +2 0pim [now with Reading]
Matt Campanale (D) 26-1-2-3 -2 6pim
Justin Daniels 1-1-1-2 +1 0pim
Kevin McCarey 1-0-2-2 +2 0pim [released]
Jimmy Martin (D) 13-0-1-1 +4 2pim [now with Utah]
Corey Bellamy 1-0-0-0 Even 2pim [released and playing in the FHL]
Jarrett Rush (D) 4-0-0-0 -2 0pim [now with South Carolina]
Ben Blood (D) 17-0-0-0 +3 15pim
Marc Cheverie (G) 8-7-1 2.54 .919
Maxime Clermont (G) 3-4-2 3.57 .887

Scott dives into a poll conducted by Icethetics that lists the Senators logo as near the bottom of the barrel.  This doesn’t strike me as news, but instead something the marketing boys for the team might get excited about.  I don’t share the enthusiasm for the older Sens jersey, nor the vocal minority that wants the team to play in their boring white jerseys at home again.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)