Senators News: January 27th; Binghamton 3, Hershey 2 (SO)

-Ottawa faces Pittsburgh (2-2-0) this afternoon; the Penguins are lead by Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin (5 points each), and backstopped by Marc-Andre Fleury (1-1-0 3.00 .882).  Here’s the NHL’s previewCraig Anderson is expected to start.

-Binghamton defeated Hershey 3-2 last night in a shootout; Robin Lehner made 38 saves for the win while Mike Hoffman and Mark Stone provided the offence (Mika Zibanejad, Stephane Da Costa, and Jack Downing all scored in the shootout).  Here’s the box score and the highlights.

-Here’s the latest ten game segment: Binghamton at the Forty Game Mark

-Elmira faces Trenton (17-19-6) this afternoon.

Bobby Kelly takes a look at Sens prospect Mikael Wikstrand (Vikstrand) and rather than commenting on his thoughts (which are well worth reading) I wanted to link the scouting report that went with him at the draft.

Bruce Dowbiggin thinks:

It has been duly noted in the early going of the 2013 season that NHL referees seem intent on calling chapter and verse from the rule book.

Let’s not get too excited Bruce; NHL officials are just as capricious as ever, but yes, they have called more penalties to start the season.  Bruce does acknowledge that this trend is unlikely to continue.

-Only in the NHL would you get people complaining about Nail Yakupov‘s goal celebration.  It’s funny to see people like Don Cherry whining about it because Grapes always defines Canadians by their passion for the game (as opposed to the old Soviet Russians who were dispassionate–okay, Cherry has never said “dispassionate” in his life, but you get the point).  Wacky goal celebrations are part of what made guys like Dave “Tiger” Williams fun to watch–everyone should just relax and enjoy the show.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)