Senators News: Februray 15th

Eric Gryba, Derek Grant, and David Dziurzynski were all recalled by Ottawa.  A lot of people have been puzzled by the choice of Dziurzynski who hasn’t had a great year in Binghamton (44-3-14-17 +6), with players like Corey Cowick and Hugh Jessiman having superior numbers.  I think there are a number of factors involved: 1) familiarity (Dziurzynski was part of the Binghamton group recalled during Ottawa’s brief playoff run last year), 2) defensive play (Jessiman is not strong defensively nor as good a skater), 3) consistent physicality (in the games I’ve watched neither Cowick nor Jessiman have hit with regularity–Bingo fans who’ve watched the whole year can correct me on that one).  In the end I think the first point is the most vital (it may also be a pat on the back in the hopes of getting Dziurzynski going).

Bryan Murray put on a brave face in comments about the team going forward:

We’ll recover from this, without a doubt. We may not be as talented but I think we’ve got a real good, strong character group and we have to hope they will carry us through.

There’s not much else Murray can say at this point–he has to support the players who are still active as well as encourage fans to come out to the games.

Chris takes a brief look at how the Sens will survive without Karlsson and the most obvious point is those who are still playing need to step up their game.  Can they do so enough to compensate for the loss of their top defenseman and forward?  I think it’s a bit much to ask, but it will be interesting to watch who does well in their absence.

Stu Hackel doesn’t think Matt Cooke deserves any blame for Karlsson‘s injury and goes through his reasoning for that; Sean Gordon thinks Cooke should have been suspended to stop the kind of play he was executing.  The blame-game seems pretty pointless to me; no action was taken and Karlsson is injured so that’s all there is to it.

-Binghamton faces Syracuse (27-14-6) tonight; the Crunch are lead by Tyler Johnson (43 points) and backstopped by Riku Helenius (9-8-0 3.06 .878).

-Binghamton recalled Louie Caporusso and signed Reading Royals’ David Marshall (52-17-29-46) to a PTO.  With their current roster Bingo is lead by Hugh Jessiman (22 points) and Brett Ledba (13 points).

-Elmira faces Reading (33-13-6) tonight with Ben Blood the only remaining Bingo signee on the Jackals roster.

-I’m looking for feedback from readers to see if there’s anything they want to see more/less of on the blog.  All thoughts are welcome!

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Hey, here’s a few suggestions:

    -prospect profiles with future NHL career projections
    -NHL player stories that follow the story lines of each players season
    -profiles on draft eligible prospects for the upcoming drafts
    -features on little known prospects in the system
    -organizational prospect rankings

    Keep up the great work!

  2. […] was collective scratching of heads when David Dziurzynski was recalled, but since he put on the Sens uniform he’s looked like he […]

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