Senators News: March 16th

-Ottawa plays Buffalo (10-14-3) this afternoon; the Sabres are lead by Thomas Vanek (30 points) and backstopped by Ryan Miller (9-12-3 2.83 .914).  Matt Kassian will make his debut and Peter Regin is also added up to the lineup while Kaspars Daugavins will sit.

Wayne Scanlan talks about the fighting culture in the NHL:

Future generations will look back at this era and wonder. They’ll wonder how it was that a relatively sophisticated professional sport, one that supposedly cared about player safety, would not only allow big, strong players to crack each other in the skull with bare knuckles, it would encourage it. Of course, a single generation from now there will be such detailed information on brain function and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), it will be deemed common sense … the NHL’s move to ban fighting in the year (fill in the blank). It won’t be any time soon. Not when the NHL does such a poor job of policing terrible behaviour on the ice that teams have to find their own means of street justice.

Scanlan is right about the how the game will be looked at in the future, but I agree with him that that future is a long way away.

Sylvain St-Laurent writes about Michael Sdao and includes these comments from Pierre Dorion (courtesy of Google translation):

He is robust, he has a good sense of the game and does not complicate life unnecessarily, he makes things simple. He is very strong physically. He’s a very good fighter. In college, he could not fight. He will therefore be obliged to spend a little time in the minors to learn how to play his position, but in the medium term, we believe he can play a role with our team [Ottawa].

-Binghamton plays Norfolk (29-26-5); the Admirals are lead by Patrick Maroon (36 points) and backstopped by Frederik Andersen (16-11-1 2.11 .931).

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)