Senators News: April 18th

-Ottawa plays Washington (24-17-2) tonight; the Caps are lead by Alexander Ovechkin (48 points) and backstopped by Braden Holtby (20-11-1 2.67 .917).  Craig Anderson will get the start and the Sens lineup remains unchanged.

Scott had the scoring chances in the Carolina game 19/16.

Gus Katsaros takes a look at Ottawa’s season (as well as Boston’s and Toronto’s), concluding:

When taking the injuries into consideration, it’s incredible that the Senators have as many positive Corsi games.

-I’m a bit puzzled by Senschirp‘s idea:

How do you reconcile the notion of a rebuild when there’s a constant stream of Sens drafts pick in their regular lineup?

Isn’t the nature of a rebuild involve a constant stream of young players enter the lineup?  Are there rebuilds made up of a constant stream of veteran players?  Senschirp wonders if the Sens have truly gone through a rebuild, but I think only he can answer that question as I’m not sure what his understanding of a rebuild is (I assume the confusion is because of how fast the Sens have returned to contention, but that actually has nothing to do with his question).

-As expected Cody Ceci and Matt Puempel have been added to Binghamton’s roster.

-Some housekeeping matters: Binghamton has changed radio station’s (which only impacts our friends south of the border); they’ve also had their playoff schedule posted despite not knowing their opponent.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. The Senschirp idea more or less has a faulty premise. Ottawa went into a full rebuild mode in 2011, but the organizational revamp goes back all the way to the Karlsson draft. It has been talked about to death in Ottawa sports media, but Murray has stocked a barren farm.

    The 2009 draft which has produced a No.1 goalie (Lehner), a top defenceman (Cowen) and top six forward (Silfverburg) and another potential top six forward (Hoffman) may very well go down as one of if not they best in Senators history.

    Karlsson/Cowen/Weircoch/Smith/Condra/Gryba/Greening/Silferburg/Lehner/Stone/Borowiecki and the acquisition of Michalek was all done previous to the rebuild.

    Actual rebuild moves that have impacted the roster? Anderson falls into that category/Turris/Bishop-Conacher/Zjad/Pageau.

    Back from vacation, great to be able to read your posts again.

    • Welcome back–it’s always great to read your comments. I *think* Senschirp was trying to express his surprise at how quickly the Sens have turned it around, but (as you point out) the way he frames it doesn’t make much sense.
      Not sure I agree with you about Hoffman–his numbers in the AHL don’t seem significant enough to me to project as a top-six NHL player, but he does look like he can fill in and (maybe) be a regular.

      • Hoffman was one of the leading scorers in Bingo prior to injury and Murray has stated publicly the organization views him as a top six player.

      • No argument about Murray’s comments, but 28 points in 41 games is good, but not great. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hoffman, I’m just not sure he can carry that production to the next level.

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