Binghamton’s Final Games (71-76)

The Binghamton Senators’ season has ended so it’s time to take stock of their last six games and see how the team and the players are doing (for the previous ten games go here).  Binghamton went 4-1-1, finishing 4th in their conference and 2nd in their division.  The B-Sens 227 goals-for are 4th in the conference, as is their 188 goals against.  Binghamton will play Wilkes-Barre (42-30-4) in the playoffs.

Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):

Mark Stone 6-3-5-8 +3
Corey Cowick 6-3-3-6 +6
Pat Cannone 6-2-4-6 +5
Cole Schneider 6-3-2-5 +5
Buddy Robinson 5-2-2-4 +2 SCR 1
Shane Prince 6-1-3-4 +4
Brett Lebda 6-1-3-4 +1
Hugh Jessiman 5-0-4-4 +3 INJ 1
Stephane Da Costa 6-1-2-3 +3
David Dziurzynski 6-1-2-3 +2
Derek Grant 2-1-1-2 +1 INJ 4
Cody Ceci 3-1-1-2 +2 [OHL 12-1-9-10]
Chris Wideman 6-0-2-2 +7
Fredrik Claesson 6-1-0-1 +4
Dustin Gazley 6-1-0-1 -1
Mark Borowiecki 6-0-0-0 -2
Danny New 5-0-0-0 +2 SCR 1
Michael Sdao 3-0-0-0 +2 SCR 3
Tyler Eckford 3-0-0-0 +2 INJ 3
Jakub Culek 3-0-0-0 Even SCR 3
Darren Kramer 3-0-0-0 Even SCR 3
Wacey Hamilton 3-0-0-0 -2 SCR 3
Matt Puempel 2-0-0-0 +1 [OHL 10-3-4-7]
Jack Downing 2-0-0-0 Even [ECHL 1-1-0-1]
Louie Caporusso [ECHL 3-1-3-4]
Ben Blood [ECHL 3-0-0-0]
Andre Petersson (injured)
Brad Peltz (DNP)

Nathan Lawson 2-0-0 2.19 .938
Marc Cheverie 2-1-1 2.80 .907
Scott Greenham (DNP)
Andrew Hammond (DNP)

Stone lead the final charge offensively, while Cowick was able to thrive without his regular line mate Pageau and Cannone enjoyed his 0first spurt of production since being taken off Silverberg‘s line in the fall.  Robinson has been excellent since arriving from college, while consistency continues to plague Da Costa.  I’m not sure what’s happened to Eckford, but his offensive game has completely disappeared since the early part of the season.  Wideman lead the team on the plus side of the ledger, while Borowiecki and Hamilton were on the negative side.  Gazley is firmly back to earth offensively, while Lebda lead the charge from the blueline.  It was a strong finish to the year for the B-Sens who have held the line extremely well despite losing so much talent to their parent club.



  1. […] Binghamton’s Final Games (71-76) […]

  2. […] Binghamton’s Final Games (71-76) […]

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