Senators News: June 12th

Kaspars Daugavins talked about the differences between Ottawa and Boston:

Well, the first thing probably was that the guys are really serious. There is a lot on the line on this team; they want to win. I saw that right away when I came in. I knew these guys are in for a job and were more serious than Ottawa maybe. I know these guys can win. They work hard in practice. They work hard after practice in June. I knew this would be a good team to play for.

I agree with Nichols that this isn’t Daugavins taking a shot at his former teammates, but rather him contrasting where the organisations are right now (Cup contender versus rebuilding franchise).

-Lacklustre Senator Mike Lundin has read the tea leaves and seen no future in the NHL and signed a KHL deal with Barys Astana.

worsteverything contemplates potential free agent signings for the Sens, which makes for fun reading, but I don’t think any of the players mentioned is coming to the capital.

Nichols believes the Sens need a leftwinger and pitches for Patrik Elias, who fits the kind of past-his-prime talent Murray has managed to land in the past.

-Speaking of free agents, any Sens fans who are expecting Ottawa to be a successful player on the free agent market needs to reconsider.  Murray nibbled at inexpensive fill-ins this season and that’s prior to the full development/flood of top-end prospects entering the organisation.  The Sens might add an inexpensive veteran blueliner or forward this off-season, or they may sit tight and do nothing.

-Here’s my look at the Sens draft post-lockout draft success (05-08).

-Here’s my look at The Hockey Writers various draft pieces.

David Johnson offers some words on the statistical analysis wars that go on in assessing player-talent in the NHL.  I can’t condense his arguments sensibly (I suggest you read it yourself), but I will quote his conclusion:

The possession method primarily provides value when dealing with small sample sizes as it will reduce small sample size and random variance issues. Shot differential metrics are inherently a flawed metric though because shot differential isn’t the end goal of the player (goal differential is what matters in the win/loss column) and shot quality and ability to drive/suppress shooting percentages exists and are real. There is nothing wrong with using possession metrics as an evaluation tool so long as we are aware of this limitation just as there is nothing wrong with using goal based metrics as an evaluation tool so long as we are aware of its sample size, randomness and uncertainty limitations. Neither are perfect, both have their uses, both have their limitations and in reality both should be considered in any player evaluation.

I agree with Johnson that one method does not dismiss the other when making assessments.

-A number of European free agents have been signed over the last month or two and the number may be fairly high this year with the cap shrinking.  Here’s the current list of signees: Antti Raanta (Chicago), Reto Berra (Calgary), Ilari Melart (Columbus), Anton Belov (Edmonton), Michael Raffl (Philadelphia), and Petter Emanuelsson (San Jose).

-The Penguins threw my prediction for a loop by re-signing Dan Bylsma.  To my mind this puts Ray Shero on the firing line if things don’t work out, although it’s worth keeping in mind a new contract doesn’t guarantee much for a head coach.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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