Senators News: November 22nd

-The Sens lost 4-3 to Minnesota (boxscoreDave Young‘s summary, and some comments on stats from Travis Yost) where a mediocre performance from Craig Anderson didn’t help matters.

Nichols transcribes Bob McKenzie’s latest chat about the Sens and while there’s nothing particularly new in what Bob has to say (although I encourage you all to check it out), he did offer this gem:

I don’t think they think too much of Eugene (Melnyk), to be honest.

This isn’t intended quite as it seems, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Travis talks about Bryan Murray declaring that team problems will be solved internally.  As Travis says, Murray has no real choice–he can’t trade right now given the team’s internal budget.  I agree that the solutions from Binghamton on the blueline don’t really exist.  If I were MacLean I’d keep playing Patrick Wiercioch until he rounds into form (ala Cowen, see below), but in the meantime we’ll apparently get the unending rotation.

Amelia L offers up five thoughts and I think she makes a good point that Paul MacLean may be playing Jared Cowen so much for development purposes.  Why that doesn’t apply to Mika Zibanejad remains an open question (as Travis wonders as well).  Her critique of TSN’s coverage of the Sens is on point, but they are still miles ahead of the garbage provided by Sportsnet.

Mark Parisi is convinced that spending money doesn’t equal winning in the NHL…except that he doesn’t actually look at where Stanley Cup winners sit when it comes to spending (or more generically looking at the records of the teams who spend more, ie here).  The issue has been explored before and I think Mark made the mistake of thinking spending equals winning versus spending being a necessary part of winning.

Greg Wyshynski offers various thoughts and I like this comment about Ottawa:

What the heck happened with Ottawa? The Sens are 8-10-4 in the Atlantic Division, and the defense that ranked second in the NHL last season is 24th overall with a 3.09 GAA. Who knew Sergei Gonchar was the lynchpin?

I don’t think we’ll see a mea culpa from the media who spent so much time criticising Gonchar while he was here.

-Binghamton plays Adirondack tonight (7-6-2).  Here’s Jeff Ulmer‘s preview.

Ludwig Karlsson and Jakub Culek have both been sent to Elmira (the former after injury, so it may be purely a conditioning stint).  The Jackals place Kalamazoo (4-4-1) tonight.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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