Binghamton at the 40-Game Mark

The Binghamton Senators have passed the 40-game mark so it’s time to take stock and see how the team and the players are performing.  The B-Sens went 7-3-0 (roaring out of their losing streak), keeping them 1st in their division and 3rd in the conference (for their previous ten games go here).  The team’s 145 goals remain 1st in the conference, while their 122 goals are next to last.

Player’s stats (NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):

Mike Hoffman 10-3-9-12 Even
Stephane Da Costa 10-3-7-10 +3
Chris Wideman 10-3-7-10 -1
Andre Petersson 10-7-2-9 +2
Fredrik Claesson 10-1-8-9 +9
Cole Schneider 10-3-5-8 Even
Matt Puempel 10-5-2-7 -4
Shane Prince 10-3-4-7 +5
Jim O’Brien 10-3-4-7 Even
Corey Cowick 10-3-3-6 -3
Wacey Hamilton 8-1-3-4 -2
Daniel New 10-0-4-4 -1
Jean-Gabriel Pageau 2-0-3-3 +2 [NHL 5-0-0-0 Even]
Buddy Robinson 8-1-2-3 +4
David Dziurzynski 8-1-2-3 -2
Michael Sdao 9-0-2-2 +5
Derek Grant 6-1-0-1 -1
Mark Borowiecki 10-0-1-1 Even
Ben Blood 6-0-0-0 -1
Tyler Eckford 5-0-0-0 -4
Ludwig Karlsson 5-0-0-0 -1 [ECHL 6-2-2-4 -3]
Darren Kramer 3-0-0-0 -3
Troy Rutkowski [ECHL 10-0-3-3 -7]
Jakub Culek [ECHL 6-2-1-3 -4]

Nathan Lawson 3-1-0 2.52 .923
Andrew Hammond 4-2-0 3.20 .898

The recall of Mark Stone to Ottawa didn’t slow Binghamton’s production at all.  Petersson, Prince, and Cowick‘s numbers took a leap forward from the previous ten games, while Grant‘s took a dive.  Claesson continues to be a dominant plus player and his production continues to improve as well (despite that he doesn’t play on the powerplay).  Puempel and Eckford were at the bottom of the minus pile–the veteran defenseman looks completely done, but given that Blood is also on the roster keeps getting rotated in.  New has been a solid addition, but his fit into the lineup is more of an indictment of a weakness of depth than anything else (certainly Rutkowski is not AHL-ready; Borowiecki‘s numbers are also far off his norm).  Hammond‘s numbers continue to slowly improve, but Lawson is the rock of consistency (Richardson had the option of giving Scott Greenham his first start, but choose to go with Hammond).  With Ottawa playing well there’s less likelihood of call-ups, but assuming there isn’t the default of a Pageau recall (so recently returned), Schneider continues to make his case and the aforementioned Claesson might warrant a reward on the blueline.

With a little over half the season completed it’s worth putting these numbers into context, so here’s the overall player stats thus far (rookies have a * next to their name, players beyond their ELC’s are in blue, and those currently in the NHL are in italics):

Mike Hoffman 38-18-27-45 +5 [NHL 3-0-0-0 -2]
Stephane Da Costa 37-12-25-37 +11 [NHL 4-0-0-0 +1]
Cole Schneider 36-14-18-32 +13
Chris Wideman 38-5-24-29 -5
Andre Petersson 32-15-10-25 +7
*Matt Puempel 40-14-7-21 -10
Fredrik Claesson 40-2-19-21 +27
Shane Prince 34-8-12-20 +9
Jean-Gabriel Pageau 17-6-13-19 +7 [NHL 21-2-0-2 -5]
Mark Stone 19-9-9-18 +2 [NHL 7-1-1-2 -1]
*Cody Ceci 24-2-15-17 +8 [NHL 17-1-4-5 +5]
Jim O’Brien 31-6-10-16 +3
*Buddy Robinson 34-7-7-14 +10 [ECHL 1-0-0-0 -1]
Corey Cowick 37-7-6-13 -8
David Dziurzynski 36-3-8-11 +1
Wacey Hamilton 35-2-8-10 -1
Derek Grant 18-4-4-8 +2 [NHL 20-0-2-2 -3]
Mika Zibanejad 6-2-5-7 +1 [NHL 39-10-9-19 -9]
*Michael Sdao 33-2-5-7 +9
Daniel New 15-1-5-6 +1 [ECHL 22-2-9-11 -12]
Darren Kramer 20-2-1-3 -9
Tyler Eckford 25-0-3-3 +5
Mark Borowiecki 27-1-1-2 -2 [NHL 13-1-0-1 -2]
Ben Blood 30-0-2-2 +3
*Troy Rutkowski 8-1-0-1 -5 [22-0-6-6 -7]
*Ludwig Karlsson 8-0-0-0 -3 [22-6-9-15 -6]
*Jakub Culek 2-0-0-0 -2 [ECHL 25-6-12-18 -1]

Nathan Lawson 22-14-5-0 2.52 .923
*Andrew Hammond 21-11-7-3 3.20 .898

Claesson and Schneider are the most improved players from last year, with the two first-round picks (Ceci and Puempel) the most impressive rookies.  Of the trio of rookies who have spent most of their time in the ECHL only Karlsson looks like he might be getting ready for AHL play.  In terms of disappointment, Eckford‘s complete descent from competent veteran defenseman to third-pairing alternate is shocking, while Cowick‘s drop in offensive production is less surprising.  Hoffman and Da Costa‘s dominance is to be expected (especially the Frenchman’s), albeit I had begun to wonder if Hoffman could really bring the noise at the AHL-level.

What remains to be seen is how Binghamton will do in the playoffs and if they can thrive in the many absences of Lawson.  To my mind they could use a defenseman and (possibly) a veteran back-up, but whether or not the organisation agrees or would make such a move is up in the air (if so, I’d expect it over the next 6 weeks or so).

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Bingo is going to be interesting team next year. By my count, 12 players probably won’t be resigned or retained for next season.

    To me it seems like Hoffman, Da Costa, Petersson, O’Brien, Cowick, Hamilton, New, Dziurzynski, Eckford, Blood, Lawson and Borowiecki won’t be back.

    Of that group, Boro will move on to the NHL due to his one-way contract. As for the rest, I can see Cowick and Dziurzynski being resigned to play the role as veteran bottom 6 guys. (Hamilton may also fall into this category too)

    Hoffman, Da Costa and O’Brien can’t cut it at the NHL level and will be cut loose. I’d be very surprised to see these three back in the Sens organization next year. I can see the Sens holding on to these three for (hopefully) a long AHL playoff run and then thanking them for their time.

    New and Eckford are AHL players and can be easily replaced and haven’t done anything to show that they should be resigned.

    Blood has been a disappointment and may be just cut loose. (They may renew his contract for another season hoping he can figure it out or if they need a defenceman) Lawson may be back but I think he will be let go to make room for Driedger and Brassard. (Brassard will likely be ECHL bound)

    Petersson is the interesting case here. He has shown he can play in the AHL but has yet to be given a shot in the NHL. He seems to be one of the most skilled players in the organization but lacks the maturity and discipline to take the next step. He most likely will be cut loose by the organization, but I think he should be given one last shot. With Hoffman and Da Costa (most likely) gone, I can see Petersson being the go-to guy for offense. If the Sens can sign him to a one year deal to see if Petersson can prove himself, it might be worth the risk.

    Looking at who’s left on the roster for next season, there is:

    Cole Schneider – JGP – Matt Puempel
    Shane Prince – Grant – Buddy Robinson
    Corey Cowick – Wacey Hamilton – David Dziurzynski
    Ludwig Karlsson – Jakub Culek – Darren Kramer

    Chris Wideman – Fredrik Claesson
    Michael Sdao – Troy Rutkowski

    Andrew Hammond
    Chris Driedger

    Looking at this roster, the offence might be hard to come by. I think keeping Petersson around for another season to play first line minutes will really benefit this roster next season.

    And looking at Ottawa’s other prospects, none of the junior prospects are ready to make the jump to the AHL. There are a few college prospects who may be ready like Jeff Costello who has played 4 years of college hockey. But he is more of a bottom 6 guy. Max McCormick and Ryan Dzingel may leave college early, but they could benefit staying their last year to get physically stronger.

    And looking at the backend, the only prospect who may join the team could be Swedish prospect Mikael Wikstrand if he decides to cross the pond.

    Overall, Bingo looks to become a team in transition. For a few years now, Bingo has graduated a lot of players and the pipeline is starting to dry up. Next season may be a lean year for Bingo, but after that there will be an infusion of junior prospects to fill the team. It’ll be interesting to watch how active Ottawa becomes on the college free agent market this year to help fill the cupboards.

    • Appreciate your extensive thoughts! Things I agree with: O’Brien, Hamilton, New, Eckford, Lawson, Blood, and possibly Dziurzynski won’t be back (and, as you point out, Borowiecki will be in the NHL). Petersson is at the end of his ELC and would be very cheap to keep–because of injury this is essentially his second season in the AHL (he has been called up to Ottawa before btw, during his rookie season) and there’s room and time to let him develop. Hoffman is worth keeping even if it’s just to be a veteran on Bingo; Da Costa I’m more uncertain about–there’s a small chance he could be kept, depending on any moves the team makes before the off-season.

      I’m not sure if JGP will be in the AHL next season or not–Mark Stone might be in the AHL instead or as well. I’m not sure if Culek has AHL-talent, so he may be moved or spend another season in Elmira. Kramer will be a thirteenth forward. I agree wholeheartedly that Costello is a depth player (assuming he’s signed), while between Dzingel and McCormick I think the former is more likely to turn pro early (if either does). The Sens would love to have Wikstrand over (they wanted him this season) and I suspect he’ll relent for next season. We should also expect the Sens to sign a free agent college player (they do it every year), probably aiming for a defenseman given the limited depth in Bingo this year.

      • Good points. I hope they keep JGP down for this year and next so he can get bigger and build his offensive game.

        \i can see Hoffman and Da Costa going to Europe next season for a bigger payday.

        As for Petersson, I read somewhere the story of the organization wanting to cut him loose last summer but gave him another chance. That’s where my reasoning came from on him possibly not being resigned. Hopefully he is back with us.

        Is there any news on Filatov? I believe his contract is up this season in Russia and could possibly sign with Ottawa. Would they want him back? Does he want to come back? He could fill a role within our top nine forwards.

      • Da Costa might go to Europe–it will depend on money/opportunities here. However, I don’t think Europe is an option for Hoffman even if the Sens did cut him loose (which I don’t expect)–there are plenty of years left for him to cash in on that opportunity and he still believes in his dream of being an NHL player.
        Yes, the organisation did give Petersson an ultimatum in the off-season, but they were happy with him before his injury-filled second season and I believe he is back in the good books now. It’s very easy and cheap to retain him, so I see no reason to let him go.
        I don’t think Filatov will be brought back. The best Ottawa can hope for is that his numbers in Russia are good enough for another team to make an offer for him, but given that his salary pays for his entire family it’s hard to imagine him giving up the money he can make in the KHL.

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