Senators News (January 13th)

It’s hard to believe that Todd Bertuzzi signing a PTO in Binghamton is about the most exciting thing that’s happened over the last week.  The B-Sens continue to spiral down the drain and the team here in Ottawa continues to be consistently inconsistent.

Nichols looks at what’s different about the Sens play between Paul MacLean and Dave Cameron this year, coming to essentially the same conclusions Amelia did a couple of weeks ago.  The Sens are slightly better under Cameron, with most of the differences are tied to different player usage (less reliance on aging veterans, primarily).  There’s still some reluctance by Cameron to use Mike Hoffman on the powerplay while continuing to inexplicably use David Legwand on the PP, but a lot of the decisions he’s made make sense.  Nichols main conclusion is, however, that the team doesn’t have enough overall talent to truly compete and that Sens management (over the last few years) has made trades that only make sense for a team that’s attempting to make a run in the playoffs.  On the whole I agree with him.

Mrs. O re-visits the notion of trading Craig Anderson, but remains unsure if it’s the right idea.  She makes the salient point that what to do with Anderson depends highly on where the Sens think they are–a playoff contender or a rebuilding team.  If it’s the latter, there’s no reason to keep Anderson, but the evidence we have suggests Murray and Co believe the team is the former (as Nichols bemoans), in which case trading him makes no sense.

Prospect update (players signed are in green, those for whom decisions must be made this year are in red)

SHL (Sweden)
Mikael Wikstrand (DOB 1993, DL, 7-196/12, Frolunda) 30-4-7-11
No points in his last two games
Andreas Englund (DOB 1996, DL, 2-40/14, Djurgarden) 31-1-3-4
No points in his first game since returning from the WJC
Marcus Hogberg (DOB 1994, GL, 3-78/13, Linkoping) 8-8-0 2.54 .907
He’s 2-1 over the week, with his underlying numbers dipping very slightly

Francis Perron (DOB 1996, C/LW, 7-190/14, QMJHL, Rouyn-Noranda) 39-18-34-54
Three points in his last two games; 16th in overall scoring
Tobias Lindberg (DOB 1995, C/RW, 4-102/13, OHL, Oshawa) 39-18-29-47
One point in his last three games; 17th in overall scoring
Nick Paul (DOB 1995, LW, 4-101/13 Dallas, OHL, North Bay) 29-20-16-36
Two points in the two games since he returned from the WJC
Vincent Dunn (DOB 1995, CL, 5-138/13, QMJHL, Rimouski) 33-14-10-24
Two points in his last two games
Ben Harpur (DOB 1995, DL, 4-108/13, OHL, Guelph/Barrie) 29-4-17-21
Traded to Barrie, he had a point in his last game
Miles Gendron (DOB 1996, DL, 3-70/14, BCHL, Penticton) 39-4-11-15
A point in his last game

Quentin Shore (DOB 1994, C/RW, 6-168/13, U Denver) 18-6-7-13
No points in his last two games
Shane Eiserman (DOB 1995, LW, 4-100/14, U New Hampshire) 15-3-3-6
No points in his last game
Chris Leblanc (DOB 1993, RW, 6-161/13, Merrimack) 10-3-2-5
Has not played since last time
Robbie Baillargeon (DOB 1993, CR, 5-136/12, Boston U) 10-1-3-4
Two points in his last two games
Kelly Summers
(DOB 1996, DR, 7-189/14, Clarkson) 18-2-1-3
No points in his last two games

Tim Boyle (DOB 1993, DR, 4-106/12, Endicott) 15-3-8-11
Hasn’t played since last time

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. I think Dunn and Harpur are already signed to entry deals.

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