Senators News (February 3rd)

Nichols reminds us yet again why Patrick Wiercioch should play more; alas, facts seem to have a limited impact on coaching, so it seems like we’ll continue to see what we’ve been seeing all year.

Nichols also looks at the possibility of Ray Shero replacing Bryan Murray when he steps down as the Sens GM.  I’m not thrilled with the idea, as in Ottawa Shero has to draft well and his track record in Pittsburgh isn’t inspiring.

For whatever reason the B-Sens decided to sign Brad Mills (he of the PED suspension) to a two-way contract mid-way through the season.  Why they need the 31-year old down the stretch is beyond me, but there you go.

Speaking of the B-Sens, with Andrew Hammond called up to Ottawa, Scott Greenham was brought back to Binghamton.

Ary M takes a look at right-handed defencemen in the system, which is worth reading.  For more scouting reports on Kelly Summers go here (they are from ISS and Future Considerations).

The Sens and Jakub Culek mutually agreed to terminate his ELC.  It’s a good move by both parties, but begs the question why the organisation signed him in the first place.  On the whole I’ve been happy with the Sens decisions with prospects (their pro scouting is another matter), but there was nothing in Culek‘s numbers or trajectory that suggested he was a worthwhile investment.  The Czech player has signed a deal with HC Plzen.

One thing I didn’t note last week, when referencing Guilliaume Lepine playing in Binghamton, is that his recall was done instead of theoretical prospect Troy Rutkowski.  The FA signee from last year has seen his good start in Evansville slip over the last two months.  Rutkowski is another player the organisation should look to move along at their first opportunity.

Prospect update (players signed are in green, those for whom decisions must be made this year are in red)

SHL (Sweden)
Mikael Wikstrand (DOB 1993, DL, 7-196/12, Frolunda) 37-4-10-14
One point in his last five games
Andreas Englund (DOB 1996, DL, 2-40/14, Djurgarden) 38-1-3-4
No points in his last five games
Marcus Hogberg (DOB 1994, GL, 3-78/13, Linkoping) 8-9-1 2.52 .907
Is 0-1-1 since last time, with no meaningful changes in his underlying numbers

Francis Perron (DOB 1996, C/LW, 7-190/14, QMJHL, Rouyn-Noranda) 46-22-39-61
Eight points in his last five games; remains 17th in overall scoring
Tobias Lindberg (DOB 1995, C/RW, 4-102/13, OHL, Oshawa) 48-22-35-57
Seven points in his last six games; remains 17th in overall scoring
Nick Paul (DOB 1995, LW, 4-101/13 Dallas, OHL, North Bay) 38-23-20-43
Six points in his last six games
Vincent Dunn (DOB 1995, CL, 5-138/13, QMJHL, Rimouski) 36-15-10-25
No points in his last game
Ben Harpur (DOB 1995, DL, 4-108/13, OHL, Guelph/Barrie) 38-5-20-25
Three points in his last six games
Miles Gendron (DOB 1996, DL, 3-70/14, BCHL, Penticton) 44-4-12-16
One point in his last four games

Quentin Shore (DOB 1994, C/RW, 6-168/13, U Denver) 24-8-10-18
Three points in his last four games
Shane Eiserman (DOB 1995, LW, 4-100/14, U New Hampshire) 22-3-7-10
Three points in his last four games
Chris Leblanc (DOB 1993, RW, 6-161/13, Merrimack) 17-5-4-9
Three points in his last five games
Robbie Baillargeon (DOB 1993, CR, 5-136/12, Boston U) 15-1-6-7
Three points in his last three games
Kelly Summers (DOB 1996, DR, 7-189/14, Clarkson) 23-3-2-5
One point in his last three games

Tim Boyle (DOB 1993, DR, 4-106/12, Endicott) 16-3-8-11
No points in his last game

theianalex takes a look at Binghamton’s last couple of games–it’s definitely worth checking out.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. Two prospects I am interested in is Tobias Lindberg and Marcus Hogberg.

    Lindberg is doing very well in the OHL and could be eligible to play in the AHL next season (I believe). With a few of our AHL prospects moving on next season, there may be room for him in the top 9 forward ranks. He has the size and is showing he has offensive talent too. Hope he can turn into a latter round find.

    As for Hogberg, it’ll be interesting to see how they handle him. Will the Sens try to bring him over next season and try to monitor his development more closely. The Sens seemed to have misjudged Diedger and Hammond doesn’t seem like he has much of an NHL future. They might want to get Hogberg over here a little quicker then they may have planned to see if he could possibly have some NHL upside.

    • Lindberg is eligible–he was drafted out of Sweden so (in theory) could have been in Binghamton this year. I expect the Sens to sign him. As for Hogberg, I’m uncertain if they’ll leave him in Sweden for another season or not. Despite Driedger’s rough season, I wouldn’t give up on him yet–he’s very young and goalies typically have the longest gestation among prospects; as for Hammond, I agree I don’t see an NHL future.

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