Senators News (February 23rd)

Two starts into Andrew Hammond‘s NHL career and he has two wins on the docket–the Mike Brodeur of 2015, holding back the predictions of doom when Robin Lehner was injured.  That aside, the Sens need to lose to make anything of this season, but if there’s one thing Bryan Murray teams do well it’s win when it’s of no benefit to the organisation.

As the team is a seller this year we keep hearing how they won’t move useless parts like Chris Neil and Chris Phillips (both of whom I’d trade for a bag of turnips), while useful players like Erik Condra are awaiting the chop.  There’s nothing smart GMs should want from Ottawa’s scrapheap, but the deadline is where people lose their senses so fans can eagerly await the next Cory Conacher or late round pick we’ll be receiving.

Along with selling off players, the Sens are calling up various prospects and while Chris Wideman and Buddy Robinson (“he’s got size”) are on the docket post-Matt Puempel, I’m sorry we won’t see Cole Schneider.

The lengthy response to Jeffrey Simpson’s article in the blogosphere is…well, I suppose bloggers would rather address someone with a brain than the usual Sens columnists (shoutout to Planet Brennan).  Both The Silver Seven and 6th Sens address it (along with, I assume, others), but I don’t see the point of the fuss.  Simpson doesn’t impact operations at all, except perhaps perception, and I’ve noticed little interest by the organisation in the opinions of their fans (other than, perhaps, Murray’s fondness for players well past their prime).

Prospect update (players signed are in green, those for whom decisions must be made this year are in red).  Two of the signed players below (Dunn and Harpur) are showing no ability to become NHL players, although you have to be careful about such judgements.  There’s also concern for unsigned players like Gendron in the BCHL or Boyle who is coasting along in tier-2 NCAA.  Fortunately, unsigned players like Lindberg, Perron, and Hogberg are showing promise.

SHL (Sweden)
Mikael Wikstrand (DOB 1993, DL, 7-196/12, Frolunda) 42-5-13-18
Two points in his last two games
Andreas Englund (DOB 1996, DL, 2-40/14, Djurgarden) 44-1-3-4
No points in his last four games
Marcus Hogberg (DOB 1994, GL, 3-78/13, Linkoping) 11-10-2 2.38 .917
Is 3-0-1 since last time, with both underlying numbers improving

Tobias Lindberg (DOB 1995, C/RW, 4-102/13, OHL, Oshawa) 56-26-39-65
One point in his last four games, dropping him to 23rd in overall scoring
Francis Perron
(DOB 1996, C/LW, 7-190/14, QMJHL, Rouyn-Noranda) 53-23-43-66
No points in his last three games, dropping him to 24th in overall scoring
Nick Paul (DOB 1995, LW, 4-101/13 Dallas, OHL, North Bay) 47-31-23-54
Five points in his last four games
Ben Harpur (DOB 1995, DL, 4-108/13, OHL, Guelph/Barrie) 47-5-23-28
One point in his last four games
Vincent Dunn (DOB 1995, CL, 5-138/13, QMJHL, Rimouski) 42-17-11-28
Three points in his last five games
Miles Gendron (DOB 1996, DL, 3-70/14, BCHL, Penticton) 52-5-12-17
No points in his last three games

Quentin Shore (DOB 1994, C/RW, 6-168/13, U Denver) 29-9-11-20
One point in his last three games
Robbie Baillargeon (DOB 1993, CR, 5-136/12, Boston U) 20-1-11-12
No points in his last two games
Shane Eiserman
(DOB 1995, LW, 4-100/14, U New Hampshire) 27-4-8-12
One point in his last two games
Chris Leblanc (DOB 1993, RW, 6-161/13, Merrimack) 23-5-4-9
No points in his last three games
Kelly Summers (DOB 1996, DR, 7-189/14, Clarkson) 29-6-4-9
One point in his last three games

Tim Boyle (DOB 1993, DR, 4-106/12, Endicott) 18-3-8-11
Has not played since last time

And as I do periodically, a look at former Sens:
Roman Wick (2004; 29) NLA 46-16-24-40 – leads his team in scoring and is top-ten in the league
Marcus Sorensen (2010; 22) SHL 45-15-14-29 – after a hot start he’s slowed down considerably, but still leads his team (Djurgarden) in scoring
Andre Petersson (2009; 24) KHL 50-19-18-37 – ranks second in HC Sochi’s scoring
Mat Robinson (FA 2009; 28) KHL 31-10-12-22 – remarkable numbers, tops among defensemen on his team

As a personal aside, how does a paid site like WordPress suck more than a free site like Blogspot?  It boggles the mind (at the moment the entire blog appears to me in Polish for no reason whatsoever).  I’ve also found it bemusing that Twitter followers don’t (apparently) read the site–the bulk of my Twitter folk are hockey fans, but virtually no one comes to the site from Twitter.  I embrace your empty enthusiasm!

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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