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This post is a little late as I’ve been away in Mass Effect space for the first time (I blame all errors and spelling mistakes on BioWare).  Anyway, Max McCormick has been returned to Binghamton after Ottawa’s 5-3 loss to Detroit (not a Rembrandt by the Sens, as Callum Fraser discusses).  It’s a sensible move as McCormick is going to have more opportunities to develop in the AHL than limited minutes on Ottawa’s fourth line.  Mark Stone being suspended for two games…I don’t have a strong reaction to it.  I’m fine with players being suspended for hits to the head regardless of intent, but I understand the frustration of the NHL’s lack of consistency–what can you expect from an organisation that puts Chris Pronger as the face of discipline?


Luke P offers some pity observations about stats–basic stuff, but good for those either unfamiliar or struggling with what its all about.  Ary M provides a list of stats websites, incidentally (although he’s using stats in the broadest of possible senses–ie, those that include simply basic things like goals, assists, etc).


I watched Binghamton’s 7-5 loss to Utica on Friday.  The score belies Matt O’Connor‘s continuing struggles in goal.  Here are specific observations:
-first goal: deflection beats O’Connor
Guptill hit the post from the goal line
-fantastic backhand goal by Lindberg on a great feed from Dzingel
Harpur turned into a pylon by Grenier (he does not score, however)
-Utica’s goaltender gaves the puck to Dzingel who pots it into the empty net
Jones ties it on a 3-on-1 with a straight up shot
-needless and dangerous hit by Hobbs (distance from the board)
O’Connor beaten clean from the point on the 5-on-3 PP
-knuckleball beats O’Connor from top of the circle
-turnover at the blueline leads to a great pass from Robinson to Dziurzynski who scores with a redirect
O’Dell giveaway with Shinkaruk all alone in front for the goal
-with Greening hurt the PP lines got scrambled; Ewanyk‘s feed to Dzingel off an rebound makes it 5-4
Lindberg sprung by Dzingel again and scores with the exact same backhand move
O’Connor has a puck just go through him
-missplay by Mullen ultimately leads to the empty net goal

For those paying attention the best Binghamton line all season has been whichever one Tobias Lindberg is playing on–he’s a fantastic possession player with great hands.  O’Connor has given up at least one weak goal with every start and I’m starting to think the team would be better off having him back up Driedger for now rather than simply playing every other game.  Incidentally, after this game Alex Wideman was finally sent down to Evansville–something I expected at the start of the season and is long overdue.


I watched Evansville’s 3-2 win over Greenville.  The lineup had changed once again (Zay-Leveille-Fawcett; Zarbo-Hussey-Strandberg; Penny-Lukin-MacDonald/Dunn; Dieude-Fauvel/Carlsson; Rumble-Rutkowski; Himelson-Humphries; Greenham in net).  The goals:
-a missed defensive assignment (man in front) by Himelson leads to first goal
-poor backcheck by MacDonald leads to the second
Dunn‘s pass deflects in off a defenseman’s skate
Zay wide open in the slot and ties it
Penny gets the winning goal on a nice 3-on-2 play
During the game Hussey went head first into the boards (he didn’t miss a shift) and Leveille was hurt when he was boarded (played very limited shifts afterwards).  Evansville continued to give up a ton of grade A scoring opportunities and Greenham was fantastic.

I didn’t get to watch Evansville’s 5-2 loss to South Carolina, but I have seen the highlights so here are the goals (this was Bengtsberg‘s first start for the team; the only other lineup change was Noreau replacing Dieude-Fauvel on the blueline):
Humphries easily loses a puck battle behind the net and Himelson doesn’t have his man covered in front of the net
Rumble gets walked around resulting from a short breakaway
-no one on the PK picked up the player sneaking down the back who banged in a rebound
Stranberg (who doesn’t picked up an assist on the play) turns the puck over in the offensive zone and Leveille scores with a simple wrist shot from the top of the slot
-5-on-3 goal where South Carolina pounces on a rebound in front with superior numbers
Zarbo shoots from the boards and it goes over Komm who went down early

Scrolling through the game I can add that Noreau looked awful (again), Carlsson looked good, Evansville continued to give up a ton of grade A chances, and poor Bengtsberg played better than his numbers indicate.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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