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The response to my post that focused on the Mikael Wikstrand situation was interesting.  I didn’t know #freewikstrand was a thing on Twitter, although I shouldn’t be surprised (and no, I don’t think it has any impact on Bryan Murray).  The reaction in Sweden to what the organisation is doing is exactly what you’d expect.  The hostility towards the player hurts the Sens and they’ve put themselves in a corner–how can they let Wikstrand play without admitting their mistake?  I think Murray has too much pride to change now.

Speaking of Swedes, Sens goaltending prospect Marcus Hogberg signed an extension with Linkoping through the 2017-18 season.  This would not prevent the Sens from signing him and bringing him over earlier if they wished, incidentally.


Nichols takes a look at Matt Cane’s new method of visualizing shot-suppression by defensemen and there are no surprises as we find Mark BorowieckiJared Cowen, and Cody Ceci lagging behind.  Outside the Sens org, is there anyone left on the planet who buys the “defensive defenseman” tag for the first two?  Ceci should have spent more time in Binghamton when he turned pro–he was called up far too early last season and anointed as a top-four player.  For a team that often preaches patience, Ceci is one of many examples where that has not been the case.


Binghamton lost 5-3 to Hershey on Saturday in a game AHL Live failed to broadcast (albeit the in-house feed was working as Hershey has posted highlights).  If AHL Live gives me the opportunity I’ll add more depth to what follows (it boggles my mind that ECHL Live is more reliable and better quality).  The goals:
1. Kostka is out-muscled in front as Schneider stands in no-mans land and the puck in banged in (Harpur was on vacation in the corner)
2. Hammond is beat on a rocket from the middle of the ice (too deep in his net)
3. The puck bounces in off Claesson‘s skate
4. Hammond is slow sliding to the post and is beat short-side
5. Greening walks through three Bears before scoring
6. O’Dell scores through a crowd from the high slot
7. Claesson makes a sweet pass to Robinson who makes no mistake
8. An empty-netter from center ice

Dzingle finished the night with three assists.  I wasn’t hard on Hammond in the previous loss, but he let in a couple of bad goals tonight and (on the surface) that’s the difference in the game.  I appreciate Harpur restoring my faith in the universe by being AFK for a goal-against (he also picked up a diving-penalty in the game).  The BSens continue their trend of losing games where they give up 4-plus goals (1-11-2) and a PP-goal (3-11-1).  The Bsens were shorthanded eight times, but we know from past experience that Richardson won’t bench any of the usual culprits (he took one himself, incidentally).


Evansville fell 6-4 to Cincinnati in their re-match, with Zenzola taking the loss.  Guptill returned to the lineup with Lukin sitting.  The goals:
1. Zenzola is beaten from the high slot
2. Rutkowski steals the puck and sets up Wideman right in front
3. Dunn turns it over and Humphries has no idea there’s a player behind him
4. Leveille goes top shelf from a back angle
5. Humphries doesn’t take his man in the slot
6. On the PP Rutkowski makes a great cross-ice pass to a wide open Moon
7. Sims can’t keep up with his check who is wide open to bang in the puck
8. 5-on-3 PP Fawcett rips one home from just inside the circle
9. Rutkowski loses the puck and his check as the latter taps home the puck
10. Zenzola is off his post and beaten short-side

It was a great game for Rutkowski despite his late game gaffe; the problem for the IceMen was bad goaltending and their problematic blueline.

The IceMen beat Fort Wayne 6-4 largely on the back of their powerplay.  Scott Greenham was in goal with Anthoine and Lukin dressing while the coach’s son Sims (injury) and Dunn came out.  The goals:
1. Fawcett fires a rocket on the PP (a mirror image of his goal against Cincinnati above)
2. Himelson gets caught in no-man’s land and a wide open Komet scores
3. A rocket from the hashmarks by former BSen Szydlowski
4. On the PP Fawcett scores on a give-and-go down low
5. Szydlowski scores on PP from the top of the circle with a rocket
6. Fawcett tips the puck in off the rush
7. Rumble is stripped of the puck and Himelson and Greenham are deked
8. Leveille keeps and shoots on a 2-on-1
9. On the PP Rumble scores from the point
10. Rutkowski hits the empty net

Fawcett‘s hat-trick lead the way and the team scored enough to make up for their troubling defensive coverage.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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