Year in Review (2015)

Here is my belated Year in Review–it was supposed to drop January 1st, but alas, there wasn’t time.  So yet another year is in the books where we’ve seen the continuing march of analytics into the mainstream.  Hockey itself isn’t making progress ascending the overall sporting landscape, something I think is attached to the lack of goals and the inability of players to challenge/break records because of it.

For the Ottawa Senators we’ve learned that the fears about Dave Cameron at the end of last season were justified–he’s not that different from Paul MacLean in his player usage and continues the organisation’s painful addiction to players who are only “good in the corners.”  Trevor Shackles offers a brief overview of the 2015 that was.

Fans of the Sens are blessed with blogging content, from The 6th Sens to The Silver Seven to Travis Yost (whose move to TSN means less Ottawa content, but what he does is still excellent) and beyond.  The quality of the best is such that I’ve cut back on my own content–sticking to opinions when I have something significant to say (or, more typically, respond too).

As for The Eye on the Sens and where it’s going, my focus is largely on the minor league teams (the AHL and to a lesser extent the ECHL), prospects, and the draft.  These are the areas where coverage is poor to non-existent and something I find interesting.

In terms of my blog this year, there was growth from 2014 (albeit not to the levels of my daily posts in 2013).  The site viewership still pales in comparison to my other blogs, but it’s gratifying to know there’s a core group of people (many of them fellow bloggers) who come here for what I offer.  My top posts of 2015 (as chosen by you, the people):
-My look at European Free Agents
-My Sens News & Notes that focused on Mikael Wikstrand
-My initial Binghamton season overview
-My Sens Development Camp wrap-up
-And finally, my profile of Mikael Wikstrand

All-in-all the Wikstrand drama has been the most significant to me.  The Sens relative success (or lack thereof) hasn’t been surprising–they achieve what I’d expect from a team with poor management and average talent.

I’m quite proud of my work on the draft and look forward to this year’s edition.

Otherwise, ladies and gentlemen, a belated Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to sharing in the Sens’ ups and downs as 2016 unfolds.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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