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jared cowen

A lot of Sens fans (myself included) enjoyed a good chuckle when they heard that Jared Cowen was waived by Toronto.  This is the beginning of the end for the former first-round pick, a player we now know was carried by Jared Spurgeon when he was drafted and has ridden his size through his fruitless NHL career.  Rest in peace.

cole schneider

The BSens made a poor trade with Buffalo as Tim Murray happily fleeced them of Cole Schneider (along with Eric O’DellMichael Sdao, and Alex Guptill).  In return the BSens get a pair of undersized 25-year old reliable AHL-scorers (Jason Akeson and Phil Varone), along with failed blueline prospect Jerome Gauthier-Leduc.  All three players have their contracts up at the end of the season, but there’s no reason to doubt that local boy Akeson will be kept.  In essence the Sens gave up on Schneider, who is the only real prospect among all this minor league confetti, and in return get a player who maybe is a bit better than O’Dell (maybe)–there’s also a potential 7th-round pick for Ottawa if Schneider plays at least three NHL games.  I agree with Nichols that all-in-all there’s not much to get upset about here, but it bothers me when the team gives up on talented players and gets nothing in return.  With Schneider gone, Nick Paul and Ryan Dzingel in Ottawa, and Tobias Lindberg traded, the cupboard is truly bare.


You know we live in a funny world when we’re worrying about what Mark Borowiecki thinks about Erik Karlsson.  Nichols spends way too much time on this, but the key point is this:

But, is Mark Borowiecki truly held accountable for his play on the ice?  To borrow a phrase from Daniel Alfredsson, probably not.

No he’s not, but the organisation reinforces his delusions.

Regular readers have noticed I haven’t been posting my game-by-game breakdowns for both Binghamton and Evansville and for those who aren’t away I stopped because there’s simply not enough interest for me to invest my time in it (it has been suggested that I set up a patreon to do it, but until I hear from more people I’ll leave it be).  I will continue to post updates on both teams from time-to-time.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. I enjoy your articles. Not many places where we as Sens fans can get smart analysis on our farm club. Unfortunately, TSN1200’s fluff pieces with Luke Richardson really don’t give us any insight whatsoever.

    Keep up the good work, you have one dedicated reader here.

  2. I’d love for you to keep doing the B-Sens and Icemen breakdowns, always appreciate your insight.

  3. As a regular reader,and sometimes commenter,i find your comments on cowen needlessly mean spirited. As for the minor league transactions,they appear to be meaningless and barely worth thought.
    I enjoy your minor league updates,but both those teams are so bereft of talent,it is impossible to remain interested.
    The only matter of interest is whether o’connor improves,or becomes another bag of bones for the sens college free agent graveyard. Keep us posted.j

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