Signings, Jim O’Brien, Patrick Wiercioch, and other Notes


I could write paragraphs about how dumb re-signing Mark Borowiecki is, but everyone outside Sens management agrees, so why bother?

The Sens signed second round pick Alex Formenton who can spend a little time with the Sens before going back to junior. A more interesting signing was fourth-rounder Drake Batherson, who is already back in the Q–this decision was made presumably to keep his price down.

Intellectual juggernaut Ken Warren can’t figure out why the Sens don’t sell out. The master sleuth offers the following theories:

The biggest handicap has, and always will be, the arena’s location in Kanata … To some observers, the Senators didn’t do enough to promote themselves during the summer … There’s unquestionably frustration at Melnyk for … not keeping pace with the NHL’s biggest spending clubs.

Warren is suggesting almost everything, other than a lack of confidence in management and ownership. I’ve never bought into the location argument–it’s a mild impediment, but one fans have overcome in the past. Promotion is also ridiculous–coverage of the Sens is virtually 24/7, so it’s not like locals are unaware of the team or what it’s up too. What escapes Warren’s grasp all boils down to ownership (the internal budget and his periodic public insanity) and management (with outdated ideas and an unwillingness to modernize or accept responsibility for failures).

belleville sens

I had notes from the Belleville/U of Ottawa game, but that’s old news now (the only thing still worth mentioning is that Jack Rodewald suffered a leg injury early on and I haven’t seen an update on when he’ll be back; Nick Paul, who hurt his ankle at the beginning of camp, was back in time for the other exhibition games). Tryout Brendan Woods is also injured, so his inevitable release from the roster will wait until he’s cleared (fellow tryout Ethan Werek is gone). The only remaining tryout is Jim O’Brien, who has made the opening roster, but it’s unclear if he’s still on a PTO, been signed to a two-way deal, or signed an AHL-deal. If I had to guess he’s on a PTO and will be kept around until Rodewald has healed.

The Sporting News suggests Patrick Wiercioch could be assigned to Belleville by Vancouver after being waived. Utica is the Canucks’ affiliate, so I’m not sure if this is in error or related to the number of veteran contracts the AHL-team is carrying (certainly he’s not on Belleville’s opening night roster).

With Chris Driedger suffering from a groin injury and Andrew Hammond still around, the speculation is that Marcus Hogberg will go down to the ECHL (to Brampton or Wichita remains up in the air). If this is true it’s a short-term solution, because Driedger will return at some point and it makes no sense at all to have both prospects buried in the ECHL.


I’d been wondering where else the Sens would assign players in the ECHL given that Wichita was officially an Edmonton affiliate. The answer is the Brampton Beast, Montreal’s ECHL affiliate–that’s where Cody Donaghey, Macoy Erkamps, and Daniel Ciampini have been loaned. Does this mean the arrangement with Wichita is over? It’s simply not clear and may only be for a goaltender.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. […] Signings, Jim O’Brien, Patrick Wiercioch, and other Notes […]

  2. […] Signings, Jim O’Brien, Patrick Wiercioch, and other Notes […]

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