Belleville 1, Binghamton 4

After giving up 53 shots to Binghamton just a few days ago the BSens managed to make life easier for their goaltender, but otherwise played a listless game and got the result they deserved.

Shots: 20-25
PP: 0-1
PK: 0-1
Scoring chances: 4
Key saves: 1
The Goals
1. Binghamton – low shot through a crowd
2. Chlapik with a great one-timer via Lajoie
3. Binghamton PP – wide open wrist shot from the slot
4. Binghamton – Taylor isn’t set right and he’s beat far side through a screen
5. Binghamton – empty-net

Notable plays: Pokka turned into a pylon (first); Reinhart ruins a breakaway pass by putting himself offside (second); pointless fight by Selleck where he takes an extra penalty that results in a goal against (second); Binghamton beats Taylor five-hole from the blueline on the powerplay, but the ref doesn’t see it and they score 30 seconds later so it ultimately doesn’t matter (second); Paul can’t complete the pass on a 2-on-1 (second); Paul misses the net from the slot (third); Moutrey makes a nice power move to the net for a scoring chance (third);  Blunden throws a hit that hurts Sieloff (third; he’d stay in the game)

Nick Moutrey, who was shoehorned into the the Ian Cole trade by the Blue Jackets, made his debut. A brief, former teammate of Nick Paul’s in North Bay, he was a fairly average OHL player and hasn’t blossomed in the AHL (0.25 points-per-game to date)–scouts did not read the tea leaves very effectively with him. He’s big with decent speed, but doesn’t have great hands or head for the game and is someone the Sens should walk away from when the season is done.

Kleinendorst continued his bizarre distribution of ice time, playing rental goon Eric Selleck far too much and waiting until very late to push offensively (putting hands-of-stone Patrick Sieloff with these units due to defensive fears). It wasn’t a very entertaining game and there’s really nothing from it to get excited about.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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