Belleville 1, Utica 0; Belleville 2, Bridgeport 4; Belleville 1, Toronto 4

I’m a bit late on my review this week, but all-in-all those of you who didn’t watch this trio of games didn’t miss much. The BSens scored first in all three of their three-in-three, but won only the first in what was a relatively dull set when it comes to entertainment value.

Belleville 1, Utica 0
Shots: 28-32
PP: 0-5
PK: 4-4
Scoring chances: 6
Key saves: 6
The Goal
1. Gagne scores short side on the rush

Notable plays: Reinhart misses the net from two feet out (second); great pass by Chlapik from behind the net to Moutrey who can’t handle it (second); White hits the crossbar (second); weird play off the opening faceoff on the powerplay at center ice–both Pokka and Chlapik (playing the points) raced forward when the puck was dropped (third); Moutrey hits Chlapik shooting from the slot (third); Chlapikd great cross-ice pass to Moutrey who missed the net (third); Sieloff misses the empty net (third)

Belleville 2, Bridgeport 4
PP: 1-6
PK: 1-3
Scoring chances: 6
Key saves: 6
The Goals
1. Sexton tips in Erkamps’ one-timer
2. PP Paul with a wrister from the slot
3. Bridgeport PP – score off a rebound
4. Bridgeport – point shot goes in high
5. PP Bridgeport – Selleck turns it over at the blueline and the point shot goes through five-hole
6. Bridgeport – Chlapik’s pass is deflected and they score on the empty-net

Notable plays: Blunden misses the net all alone in the slot (first); Chlapik great pass to Englund through traffic (first); Selleck accidentally takes out the ref (first); Colin White was injured (upper body) this game.

Belleville 1, Toronto 4
PP: 0-2
PK: 3-5
Scoring chances: 7
Key saves: 10
The Goals
1. Englund with a nice backhander all alone in front
2. Toronto PP – Sieloff gets puck watching and can’t block the pass in front
3. Toronto – deflection in front
4. Toronto PP – one-timer from the top of the circle
5. Toronto – Moutrey turns it over and the Marlie walks into the slot and scores

Notable plays: Gagne with a great effort to get a partial breakaway (first); Sieloff makes an ill-advised pinch leading to a 3-on-1 (first); Englund stupidly pushes a player into Taylor (first); Moutrey can’t get a shot all alone in front (first); reat pass by Chlapik to Rodewald for a scoring chance (first); Lajoie with a great pass to Moutrey (second)

Selleck played a ton of this game for some reason and the Marlies ate him for breakfast. Englund’s goal was his first of the season (in game #60!).

With the BSens playing no meaningful games at this point Kleinendorst continues to favour his veterans to no meaningful effect. Selleck, who isn’t really an AHL-player, has been on the first or second line in four of his five games; Blunden and Reinhart, who have both been awful all season long, are anchoring the second line; Moutrey, who doesn’t have offensive skills, has spent half his time on the first line. Chlapik, one of the most talented players on the roster, has been buried in the third line for the last six games and seen his point totals dry up accordingly.

The conservatism has seen the coach attempt to have just two defensemen play entire penalty kills (contributing to the recent 8-13 PK run) and the second unit powerplay has now gone 16 games without a goal (the one constant on it is Blunden).

Current Streaks of Note
Sieloff: no points in 31 games
Blunden: 17 game goalless streak
Werek: 16 game pointless streak
Murray: 9 game pointless streak
Reinhart: 8 game pointless streak
Gagne: 1 point in his last 9
Rodewald: 1 point in his last 8
Sexton: point-per-game pace his last fourteen

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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