Belleville 1, Grand Rapids 3

The second game against Grand Rapids wasn’t as entertaining as the first, although Gustavsson was excellent between the pipes. In the absence of Filip Chlapik the BSens are generating fewer shots (averaging 24 the last three games) and that’s impacting their offense, having scored just one goal in two of those three games.

Belleville 1, Grand Rapids 3
Shots: 22-31
PP: 1-4
PK: 5-5
Goaltender: Filip Gustavsson (28-31)
Tambellini (Gagne, Carey) (pp)

Given that they’d played the night before there were only two changes made by the Griffins: rookie backup Patrik Rybar started (his previous start was a disastrous loss to Chicago) and former BSen Carter Camper played instead of Dylan McIlrath.

With Jack Rodewald getting called up to Ottawa Boston Leier slid into his spot on the third line, otherwise there were no changes. However, for the first time this season Troy Mann did some line/pairing juggling, all in the third period. He moved Sexton up to the first line and slid Batherson down to the second; he also put Bergman on the second pairing with Percy while pushing Sieloff down to the third.

Special Teams
The powerplay provided another goal, this time from the second unit. For the final two powerplays the second unit actually became the first.

For the first time this season the team did not give up a powerplay goal. The rotation was identical to the previous game, so until its repeated we can’t really draw conclusions other than to celebrate the fact.

Other Notes
-It was an ugly game for Jordan Murray, who had five turnovers (most unforced) in the first period (the last of which lead to the Griffins first goal)
-Patrick Sieloff was run from behind in the first (he remained in the game)
-Stuart Percy saved a goal in the second
-Gustavsson stopped a penalty shot in the second
-Mann cut into the first lines TOI, with less Batherson and Balcers than has been typical (the Carey line was the primary beneficiary)

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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