Ottawa 2, Philadelphia 3 (OT)

Ottawa lost a point to the officiating of Kevin Pollock and Dean Morton and Chris Phillips served up another with a brutal turnover.  The game itself was entertaining with lot’s of speed and chances, as well as witnessing Kyle Turris’ second-ever NHL fight.  Click here for the box score.  A look at the goals:
1. Philadelphia, Briere
Flubs his initial shot which Anderson over commits too and then bangs in the rebound unopposed
2. Michalek (Gonchar, Karlsson) (pp)
Bangs in the rebound
3. Butler (Karlsson, Kuba)
Great patience putting in the rebound
4. Philadelphia, Briere (pp)
Tips-in the Timonen shot
5. Philadelphia, Briere
Brutal giveaway by Phillips is centered by Voracek and Briere slides it through Anderson

Erik Karlsson – two assists and a strong game overall
Filip Kuba – played a ridiculous 30:20, picked up an assist and was great defensively

Players Who Struggled:
Chris Phillips – under no pressure whatsoever throws the puck away and cannot recover to prevent the game-winner
Nick Foligno – a -2 and invisible except for one OT shift


Binghamton Senators at Mid-Season (16-20-2)

The Binghamton Senators have played 38 games, which in the AHL’s new schedule is the halfway point.  It’s been a topsy-turvy few months dominated by injuries to key players.  First, a look at the standings (keeping in mind that Binghamton has played more games than any other team in the league): they are 4th in their division, 11th in the Eastern Conference, and in a three-way tie for 21st overall.  They are in a three-way tie 14th in goals scored, and sit alone at 29th in goals against.  Pat Cannone leads the team in points with 22, while Mark Parrish has the most goals (11) and Corey Locke the most assists (15).  Despite missing 12 games this season Patrick Wierioch is tied with Mark Borowiecki for the most points by a blueliner with 12.  Tim Conboy leads the plus/minus category at +9 while Craig Schira is at the bottom with -9.  The loss of Corey Locke in particular has had a huge effect on the team, as they’re 10-7-0 with him in the lineup and 6-13-2 without him.

Here’s a look at player performances based on categories (SCR=scratched, INJ=injury):

Mark Parrish 28-11-10-21 -6 INJ 10
Corey Locke 17-3-15-18 +1 INJ 21
Rob Klinkhammer 16-9-7-16 -4 (acquired by trade)
Tim Conboy 27-2-4-6 +9 INJ 11
Francis Lessard 30-1-1-2 -1 SRC 3 INJ 5
Mike McKenna 22-10-9-0 2.70 0.925

Prospects (not rookies)
Mike Hoffman 38-9-12-21 -8
Patrick Wiercioch 26-2-10-12 -8 INJ 12
David Dziurzynski 34-4-6-10 +1 INJ 4
Corey Cowick 36-4-5-9 -4 SCR 2
Eric Gryba 37-2-6-8 -5 INJ 1
Jim O’Brien 19-2-4-6 -2 INJ 19
Craig Schira 36-1-4-5 -9 SCR 2
Robin Lehner 19-6-12-1 3.10 0.910 INJ 6

Pat Cannone 38-9-13-22 Even
Andre Petersson 26-9-10-19 +6 INJ 12
Stephane Da Costa 17-6-9-15 -2
Derek Grant 24-4-8-12 -1 SCR 1 INJ 13
Mark Borowiecki 38-2-10-12 +4
Wacey Hamilton 38-2-2-4 -8
Louie Caporusso 7-0-0-0 -2 SCR 2 (ECHL 19-8-11-19 +3)

AHL Contracts
Josh Godfrey 18-1-3-4 Even SCR 4 INJ 11 (ECHL 2-0-2-2 +1)
Bobby Raymond 26-0-4-4 +1 SCR 6 (ECHL 8-2-3-5 Even)
Jack Downing 14-0-1-1 -3 SCR 2 (ECHL 19-8-7-15 -5)
Maxime Gratchev 12-0-0-0 -7 SCR 4 INJ 8 (ECHL 13-5-6-11 -3)
Brian Stewart 9 games backing up (ECHL 19-13-5-0 2.93 0.913)

Mike Bartlett 22-2-2-4 Even (ECHL 6-2-4-6 -1)
Riley Armstrong 5-1-2-3 +1 (ECHL 9-3-4-7 +1; now playing in Finland)
Mike Ratchuk 8-0-1-1 Even (ECHL 20-3-8-11 -8)
Brandon Svendsen 5-0-1-1 +1 (ECHL 26-11-20-31 -3)
Mike Radja 3-0-1-1 +1 (ECHL 30-16-17-33 +7)
Mike Campanale 1-0-0-0 Even (ECHL 26-3-4-7 +8)

No Longer On the Team
Nikita Filatov 15-7-5-12 +3 (KHL)
Kaspars Daugavins 7-4-2-6 Even (NHL)
Shaun Heshka 10-0-1-1 -8 (traded-AHL)
Matt Carkner 3-0-1-1 Even (NHL)

Binghamton Scoring by Points-Per-Game (minimum 10 games played, excluding those no longer on the roster; I’ve included last years’ AHL PPG where applicable in brackets)
Corey Locke 1.05 (1.25)
Rob Klinkhammer 1.00 (0.60)
Stephane Da Costa 0.88
Mark Parrish 0.75 (0.91)
Andre Petersson 0.73
Pat Cannone 0.57
Mike Hoffman 0.55 (0.33)
Derek Grant 0.50 (0.42)
Patrick Wiercioch 0.46 (0.26)
Jim O’Brien 0.31 (0.75)
Mark Borowiecki 0.31
David Dziurzynski 0.29 (0.26)
Corey Cowick 0.25 (0.13)
Tim Conboy 0.22 (0.17)
Josh Godfrey 0.22 (7 AHL games last year)
Eric Gryba 0.21 (0.10)
Mike Bartlett 0.18 (0.25)
Bobby Raymond 0.15 (9 AHL games last year)
Craig Schira 0.13 (0.19)
Wacey Hamilton 0.10
Francis Lessard 0.06 (0.08)
Maxime Gratchev 0.00 (0.30 in 09/10)
Mike McKenna 2.70 (3.05) 0.925 (0.893)
Robin Lehner 3.10 (2.70) 0.910 (0.912)

On the whole the season has been disastrous.  I don’t think the organisation thought Binghamton would struggle as much as they have.  While the team wasn’t expected to challenge again for the Calder Cup again, they were expected to be competitive.  The disappointment is tempered by the parade of debilitating injuries along with the accretion of players–the retirement of Lee Sweatt, the failure of Shaun Heshka, the permanent call-up of Kaspars Daugavins, the loss of Nikita Filatov, and the fact that Jared Cowen and David Rundblad were never sent to Binghamton.

On the individual level I think they got exactly what was expected from their veterans (with the Klinkhammer trade looking great in the early going).  Among the prospects Jim O’Brien‘s production has to be disappointing, as he was expected to help carry the offensive load, while Craig Schira will likely be looking for a European or ECHL contract somewhere else next year.  More offence may have been expected from Mike Hoffman, but he’s improved enough over his rookie season that another gear can be imagined.  Among the rookies the quick adaption by Andre Petersson and Mark Borowiecki stand out.  Wacey Hamilton seems like a disappointment, but as the second youngest player on the team expectations have to be tempered.  Louie Caporusso is the only prospect who has been unable to consistently play in Binghamton, but he seems to have adjusted to the ECHL level and may (like Corey Cowick) make the adjustment in the second half of the season–although as a four-year college player it’s a surprise how much time he’s needed.  There have been no real surprises among the AHL contract players, with the best two being second round pick Josh Godfrey and Mike Barlett (who spent all of last year with the Milwaukee Admirals).