Binghamton at the Forty-Game Mark

Binghamton has now played 40 games and it’s time to take a look at how they’ve done over the last 10 (for the previous review go here link). The B-Sens are 6-4-0, their best segment of the year. They continue to be 5th in the division, 15th in the conference, and are tied for 28th in the league (up from 30th). They are tied for 21st in goals for (up from 24th) and tied for 29th in goals against (down from 28th). Player’s stats (INJ=games missed due to injury, SCR= scratched, SUS=suspended, NHL=games in the NHL, ECHL=games in the ECHL):
Rob Klinkhammer 10-7-6-13 +3
Corey Locke 9-3-8-11 +2 SCR 1
Andre Petersson 4-3-5-8 +1 INJ 6
Stephane Da Costa
10-4-4-8 +1
Pat Cannone 10-3-3-6 +1
Mike Hoffman 10-2-4-6 Even
Mark Borowiecki 10-2-4-6 Even
Mark Parrish 5-2-3-5 +2 INJ 5
Corey Cowick 10-3-2-5 +5  
David Dziurzynski 10-2-1-3 Even
Tim Conboy 10-2-1-3 +5
Eric Gryba 10-0-3-3 +2  
Wacey Hamilton
10-1-1-2 +2
Derek Grant
7-0-2-2 -4 INJ 3
Craig Schira
10-0-2-2 Even
Bobby Raymond 10-0-2-2 +4
Jim O’Brien
2-0-1-1 +1 INJ 8
Mike Ratchuk
5-0-1-1 +1
Mike Bartlett
10-0-0-0 +5
Francis Lessard 8-0-0-0 Even SCR 2
Josh Godfrey 5-0-0-0 Even INJ 5
Brandon Svendsen 3-0-0-0 Even (ECHL 4-3-5-8)
Maxime Gratchev 1-0-0-0 -3 INJ 5 SCR 3 (ECHL 1-0-0-0)  
Patrick Wiercioch
Louie Caporusso (ECHL 9-5-4-9)
Jack Downing (ECHL 9-3-0-3)
Robin Lehner 0-1-0 3.05 .911 INJ 3 SUS 3 GAA and SV declined (he was pulled once)
Mike McKenna 6-3-0 2.86 .919 (he was pulled once)
Brian Stewart (ECHL 4-0-0 2.92 .913, GAA and SV improved)

The team is slowly getting healthier and it reflects in their results.  Despite only playing four games in the segment Andre Petersson is tied for the team’s scoring lead.  Mike McKenna‘s play was strong as he played the vast majority of the games.  Derek Grant was saddled with the worst plus minus (-4), while Corey Cowick, Tim Conboy, and Mike Bartlett had the best (+5).  I expect Binghamton’s results to be better in the second half if they can stay healthy, but they will still wind up near the bottom of the standings.


Senators News: January 14th; Binghamton 2, Syracuse 5

-The only expected changes to the Sens’ lineup tonight is Lee out and Carkner in

Jason Spezza is not happy about Ruslan Fedotenko‘s knee two nights ago, “I thought it was dirty. He said he didn’t think it was dirty. (The officials) didn’t think it was dirty. He thought I was trying to hit him, I guess. I don’t really understand the logic there because I had the puck. I was kind of yapping with him about it and he just thought I made a move at the last minute and he did nothing wrong. He didn’t try to get out of the way, that’s for sure.”  I’m not surprised it went uncalled.  The league punishes results and Spezza was not hurt on the play.

The Ottawa Citizen‘s Wayne Scanlan argues that the Sens have benefitted from the topsy-turvy nature of the Eastern Conference (link), but I think his argument would be better if he simply said the topsy-turvy NHL (both conferences have been wonky).

-The Binghamton Senators got pounded 5-2 last night, with Mike McKenna giving up five goals in two periods of work before he was pulled.  Andre Petersson and Mark Borowiecki provided the offence.  Click here for the box score, and here for Joy Lindsay’s game summary.

-Elmira lost last night with Louie Caporusso, Jack Downing, and Max Gratchev held off the score sheet.  Brian Stewart did not play.

The Hockey News’ Matt Larkin wonders if the NHL will address decreased scoring (link), but it’s unlikely the league will do much about it.  Goaltender equipment is the most obvious problem, but the league has consistently dragged its feet on doing anything meaningful.