Ottawa 1, New York Islanders 2 (OT); Binghamton 2, Manchester 3 (OT)

Ottawa lost in overtime to the Islanders tonight in a game that lacked intensity and pace.  The Sens were lifeless in the first period and were only marginally better the rest of the game.  Defensive breakdowns cost them (they did not have to pay for a pair of dumb penalties that they took).  Thankfully the officials were not a story tonight.  It was Jim O’Brien‘s first NHL game of this season and he was solid in limited ice time .  Here is the  box score.  A look at the goals:
1. Smith (Condra, Gonchar) (sh)
Smith keeps on a 2-on-1 and Nabokov flubs the save
2. NYI, Martin
Cowen mis-reads the rush and leaves Martin wide open for a one-timer
3. NYI, Eaton
Foligno is lazy on the backcheck and leaves Eaton wide open who has an open net after Anderson over-commits to Jurcina

Erik Condra – excellent in all zones
Erik Karlsson – he wasn’t perfect, but definitely the most active blueliner

Players Who Struggled:
Matt Carkner – his lack of footspeed is telling, but turnovers were the main problem (along with a dumb penalty)
Chris Phillips – lead the team in turnovers, making mental errors in his own zone

Binghamton also lost in overtime tonight, with Mike Hoffman and Jack Downing scoring the goals (Hoffman had two points).  Here’s the box score (there is no game summary from Joy Lindsay).

Elmira lost 4-3 in a shootout, Corey Cowick scored, Brian Stewart dressed as a back-up, and Louie Caporusso did not dress.


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