Senators News: February 7th

-The fact that the Sens have been losing bothers me less than how they’ve played.  The team has been pass-happy in the offensive zone and struggled to get out of their own zone (the classic Chris Phillips floater into the neutral zone comes to mind).  It’s pretty clear that Craig Anderson has slipped back into the mediocre form he displayed at the start of the season, but Paul MacLean has so little faith in Alex Auld that he’ll play Anderson anyway.  Bryan Murray would do well to move Auld if he can.  Another player who should be looking for a new address is Bobby Butler, but its a stretch that another team will bite given his salary/performance.  I thought Butler‘s pair of games on the top-line may have been a trade audition of sorts, but if so it failed miserably.  Jim O’Brien is one of several Binghamton Senators who are a better fit than Butler for the bottom of the Sens lineup (Jesse Winchester will have that role when he’s healthy).  I never thought I’d miss Brian Lee, but watching Matt Carkner lumber around the last six games has me missing the underwhelming #5.  Lee doesn’t excel in any particular area, but his ability to skate makes him a more useful depth player than Carkner.

Brian Lee is still not ready to return to the lineup; Craig Anderson will start.

-Paul MacLean returned to the lines that were scoring a couple of weeks ago–Greening back on the first line, Condra on the second line, Foligno on the third line.

-Paul MacLean thinks the Sens funk can be traced to the all-star break, “I just think, right now, we thought we’d come out of the (all-star) break and hit the gas, and away we’d go. But it hasn’t happened that way. That’s just a quirk. Sometimes you’re playing good, sometimes you’re playing bad. Right now we’re not playing good. I think we’re getting better, but we have to go game by game, day by day, and try to get better.”  I thought the Sens were very engaged playing Boston, but were going through the motions against the Islanders and Leafs.

Wayne Scanlan wishfully wants fans to behave themselves at games–I can’t believe he thinks that’s a realistic expectation.

ESPN and TSN‘s power rankings are out, with Ottawa 16th and 13th

Joy Lindsay Tweets Binghamton’s lines at practice: Klinkhammer-Locke-Downing, Hoffman-Da Costa-Parrish, Dziurzynski-Cannone-Petersson, Grant-Hamilton-Bartlett(Lessard).

-Sens prospect Matt Puempel has been out with a concussion since January 4th (after a hit to the head from Alex Gudbranson), but has begun light exercise (link).

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