Senators News: February 22nd

-Bryan Murray talked about the team’s playoff chances, “If we continue to play the way we are, we’re comparable to many of the good teams in this league. Are we the best team? Obviously, the standings say we’re not at this point. But we’re a competitive hockey team every night when we work hard, and we’re competitive because our back end produces a lot of points for us. This is the way the game is today, I believe. Your forwards get shut down pretty well late in important games, but if you have the back end that can produce plays and points, you have a chance.  I say all that, and we’d like to win in the playoffs. We’d like to be in the playoffs, and we’d like to win. So if something came along that makes us change our mind on a particular person, or a player that’s elsewhere now, we would do that.

-Murray also talked about trades, saying “If we could get a younger player coming in that could help us now but has a good future going forward, that’s the type of thing I much prefer to do, over trading away a young player for a veteran guy that is unrestricted and you will really have a hard time keeping here.”

The Hockey News, Sports Illustrated, and TSN have their latest power rankings out, with Ottawa 13th, 15th, and 12th.

Joy Lindsay Tweets Binghamton’s lines at practice: Hoffman-Locke-Bartlett, Klinkhammer-Da Costa-Petersson, Dziurzynski-Cannone-Downing, Grant-Hamilton-Lessard.

-Elmira won Monday night, with Corey Cowick scoring; Brian Stewart backed up and Louie Caporusso continues to be out with an injury.

-Many of you are familiar with Dwayne Klessel’s (Eklund) site Hockeybuzz.  Years ago I came across it seeking Sens news (I’m apparently one of the few people who did not go to the site because of its rumours), but it didn’t take long to find better sources of information.  Eklund and his site come to mind because Sam Page wrote a piece mocking him recently (referencing Hog‘s classic deconstruction).  I remain amazed at the amount of hostility he generates, as I didn’t think anyone took him seriously anymore.  Regardless, both articles are worth reading (for a chuckle if nothing else).

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  1. […] no discernible increase in random traffic.  However, if I mention Eklund from Hockeybuzz (such as here), casual readers suddenly appear.  What’s the fascination?  Eklund’s constant […]

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