Senators News: February 25th; Binghamton 2, Norfolk 3

Alex Auld will get the start against Boston.  Robin Lehner talked about his season in Binghamton, “It’s a reflection of all of us. My stats (as well). I’ve got to take ownership of it. I had a really good percentage for a long time. Then we went on a stretch and the numbers kept falling.”  Bryan Murray didn’t express confidence in the depth beyond these two (meaning Mike McKenna), saying “We’ve got two guys who are definitely very capable. We just don’t, maybe after that, have a third guy who would be ready to call up if anything would happen.”

Matt Carkner will play instead of Brian Lee.

-Binghamton blew a 2-0 lead to lose in the last 30 seconds in regulation.  Mike McKenna made 36 saves in the loss, with Mike Hoffman and Rob Klinkhammer scoring the goals.  Here’s the box score and Joy Lindsay‘s game summary.  Kurt Kleinendorst was understandably frustrated, “I just can’t believe it. How many ways can you find to lose a hockey game? Seriously? Obviously, I’m frustrated. At this point in time, shouldn’t happen. Unbelievable. We were 40 seconds away. Are you kidding me? With the puck on our stick, all we’ve got to do is get it deep. We throw a sloppy, lazy, flat pass at the offensive blue line, and we turn it over. And then it’s a one-on-four — five if you want to count the goalie — and we spit a rebound out that they bang in the back of the net.”

-Elmira won 3-2 last night, with Corey Cowick held off the score sheet (Louie Caporusso is still out of the lineup).

Eric Tulsky breaks down the Jeff Carter for Jack Johnson deal, and while I think he overvalues their Corsi numbers it’s an interesting breakdown to read.  I think both players are overrated and have contracts that are far too long.

-This is a minor, petty complaint of mine, but I wish sports medias would begin and end with the cap hit of a contract rather than its total value over the term.  No one other than ownership cares what the total value is–it’s irrelevant to regular fans and fantasty fans–and yet as often as not reporters will start with the total value as if that’s the key element.

-For those interested, Tim Baines‘s writes about some of the weirder sports injuries


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