Senators News: February 26th

-The Sens have made a deal to acquire St. Louis minor league goalie Ben Bishop (link), giving up their 2013 2nd round pick to do so.  Bishop was the Blues third round pick in 2005 and the 6’7, 25-year old is having a career year in Peoria: 38-24-14-0 2.26 .928.  He had no place in St. Louis behind the Halak/Elliott tandem.  Bob McKenzie Tweets that the Blues had signed Bishop to a one-year, one-way deal prior to making the trade [Update: McKenzie says the plan was for St. Louis to sign him, but Ottawa is actually in the process of doing so and the details are expected later today].  This makes me wonder if the Sens are planning to have Lehner spend another year in Binghamton next season with Bishop backing up Anderson.  It’s an interesting move and a slap in the face to Lehner if I’m right, as he was assured he would be the starting goaltender if anything happened to Anderson.  I’m not arguing that Lehner deserves the right to start in the NHL given his play in the minors, but it does fly in the face of that promise [Update: Ian_Mendes says “Do not read into Bishop trade as the Sens being unhappy with Lehner. This move creates depth/competition in organization. The battle for Anderson‘s back-up job next season will be interesting. This is a good competition for Lehner; was nobody to push him before.”  If Mendes is right it implies the Sens would be willing to bury Bishop in the minors on a one-way (assuming Bob McKenzie was right that his contract for next year is one-way)].

-Paul MacLean refused to throw Auld under the bus after the loss last night, following a trend which goes back to the beginning of the season, “We only played 12 minutes of the game. You’re not going to win any game playing 12 minutes. So we can’t blame the goalie for a game that the team didn’t play well in.”  The trade, however, indicates management did think it was Auld‘s fault.

Garrioch reports that Kyle Turris‘ hit on Joe Corvo is under review by the NHL, which makes absolutely no sense at all (Turris bumped Corvo as he was losing his footing and he banged the back of his head on the boards).  I expect Shanahan will suspend him anyway–league discipline is nothing if not irrational [Update: Turris has not been suspended].


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