Senators News: March 2nd

-No lineup changes are expected tonight.

Robin Lehner isn’t interested in talking about his season in Binghamton, “I don’t really care what people say about me and my statistics in the AHL. I know what they are and I know me, myself, how it’s been, and why. I’ve gone through a lot since I came over here, and I’m learning from it. I have people who are helping me to go through it. Everything is a learning thing and I’m learning every day.”

Craig Anderson won’t discuss how his injury happened, “I really don’t care to talk about the details of it all. (It was a) freak accident. Happened in the kitchen. Leave it at that. Something you learn from. Unfortunately, it was a costly mistake. I knew it was severe when it happened,” he said when asked if he thought his career was in jeopardy. “I knew it wasn’t the end of the world. I knew I had an issue, I knew I needed to take care of it. My main concern was just to get the help I needed right away, get the right people involved right away to make sure the road to recovery happened as soon as possible.”  I don’t understand his reticence, but the specifics are irrelevant.

-A lot of ink has been spilled talking about Erik Karlsson as a Norris Trophy candidate.  Laurie Boschman offers a pile of numbers supporting him, while Tyler Dellow presents numbers against him (Dellow makes the mistake in his presentation by not applying his analysis to any other player, making comparison via his method impossible).  Greg Wyshynski decries Karlsson‘s defensive acumen as compared to other candidates and ultimately I think that train of thought will win the day when it comes to voting (hockey traditionalists despise players they consider to be one-dimensional).  The prejudice clearly still bothers Paul Coffey, who said “No disrespect to defensive defencemen, but every team has one, How many teams have a defenceman that can do what Erik Karlsson is doing? (The award) should go to an exceptional defenceman. That’s Karlsson this year.”  Personally, whether Karlsson wins the trophy or not is irrelevant.  He’s having an excellent season and is a major reason why the Sens have played so well this year.

-Speaking of Karlsson, Chris Phillips credits him with the improvement on the Sens blueline this year, “I think having D-men jump up in the play and getting involved is something that helps the forwards. Being involved, being an option (for a pass), forces the other team to back off, not play them as hard, be aware of guys jumping up. That gives forwards more time with the puck and time to make plays.”

Bob McKenzie reports that a group from Saskatoon is trying to land an NHL franchise.  It’s hard to imagine a city that small being granted a franchise, but McKenzie does indicate that it’s not completely implausible.

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