Senators News: March 11th

Paul MacLean talked about last night’s loss, “I’m a little bit disappointed in their last goal and that there wasn’t a penalty called on (Foligno). I thought it was a slew-foot (on Gonchar) that led to an opportunity for him to get the puck. We had the lead with less than six minutes to go and they had to make a play, that in my mind is disappointing that ends up tying the game. What I was told by the closest referee was that (Gonchar) got outmuscled. It was a battle play … It ends up being a good forecheck.”

Kurt Kleinendorst was not happy with Binghamton’s performance last night, “But rather than overreact, let’s just wait and see how it goes (next week). But was I thrilled with the way that some of us performed? No. No, not at all. But what are you going to do? We are who we are, and it is what it is. As a coach, you don’t like to be standing behind the bench when it’s six-to-nothing, obviously. We don’t like to lose, and you don’t want to be there. But, when it’s six-to-nothing, I love it … because you see who your character guys are. You really see your team. Jack [Downing] was probably our best forward. He was honest all night long, so I’m not surprised. Bartlett was good tonight; he got a little more ice time. And Corey Cowick, same thing. In the third period, we’re playing three lines, so they all got a lot of ice time. They got an opportunity, and they made the most of it, so good for them.”

-Sens prospects Jeff Costello and Bryce Aneloski‘s seasons are over, each completing their second year in the NCAA.

-Just a minor note about Capgeek, the best online source for NHL contracts and cap information.  There is an error in Robin Lehner‘s listing on Ottawa’s chart (link), where it’s set to make it look like this is his rookie year.  He is, of course, finishing the second year of his ELC.

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