Senators News: June 5th

Bryan Murray implied that Filip Kuba won’t be back with the Senators, “I think we’re moving on. I haven’t heard from him. I talked to his agent before the year ended and told him sort of the thoughts I had, about what we might consider and I haven’t heard back. He’s going to get his money. I think he’s going to get similar money to what he was earning with us. And I’m not going to go there I don’t think.”  This could just be posturing on his part, but I can imagine Kuba wanting to move on.  Murray suggests that one of Mark Borowiecki or Patrick Wiercioch could step in to help replace the departing veteran, but I agree with Nichols that the latter case is largely wishful thinking.

Ken Warren echoes Sun reporters in suggesting Sergei Gonchar is being shopped, which seems pretty pointless given that he has a full no-movement clause until January 1st, 2013.  Until then, moving is Gonchar‘s decision.

-Everyone is wondering why TV ratings are so poor for the Cup final.  Grey Wyshynski thinks it’s a lack of a compelling narrative, while Steve Lepore thinks it’s a lack of star power to create that narrative.  Lyle Richardson makes the more obvious point that it’s due to the style of play, which is the one thing the NHL is unlikely to do anything about.

-Here’s my look at McKeen’s 2012 NHL Draft Guide.  Only one guide remains (Red Line Report) to be reviewed, but it has not yet been released.


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