Senators News: October 26th

-The NHL has decided to cancel all scheduled games in November because …they can?  There’s no reason why the league can’t just do two weeks at a time, but they’ve extended the cut this time around.  I presume the idea is to put pressure on the players, but I can’t see how any additional pressure can be added unless the entire season is threatened.

Brand Finance estimated the value of sports franchises from the NHL, NBA, NFL, international soccer leagues, and the Indian Premier League (cricket), with Ottawa valued at $201 million and ranking 159th out of 250 teams.  Not surprisingly, the company says the NHL has hurt the power of its brand:

The NHL’s frequent strikes and lockouts have resulted in more missed games than any of the other major leagues in North America.

-A Binghamton transaction: Chris Wideman has been recalled to join the B-Sens.  In four games with Elmira Wideman has 4 assists and is +5.

Riley Forsythe assesses the Sens prospects, but he’s vague and makes pronouncements without providing reasons (Michael Sdao doesn’t have NHL potential because…reasons?).  Hockey’s Future Ottawa coverage has been mediocre for quite some time and I have no idea why.  You’d think with the market of Ottawa-based hockey people they wouldn’t have a problem finding the right fit.  There’s plenty of time for Forsythe to improve, but it’s not an auspicious beginning.

-Elmira plays Cincinnati tonight; the Cyclones are 2-0-1 on the season.

-CHL players are threatening to sue for wages and I see no reason why they shouldn’t be paid.  I’m sure the league will fight the action , but if so it’s a cynical action to protect profit margins.  I’ll be interested to see how things unfold.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)