Senators News: October 23rd

Nichols and The Raaymaker have added their voices to mine in combating the absurd criticisms of Robin Lehner for his fight on the weekend.  Nichols’ article has links to some of Lehner‘s more entertaining moments, although he missed his post-game comments from the World Junior Championships.

-I admire Bobby Kelly‘s spirit, but I do wish he would fact check his blog posts a little more thoroughly.  Nathan Lawson has already played in the ECHL this year Bobby!  There was, incidentally, only one official in the 6-5 game (the lamentable Jamie Koharski).

-Elmira’s Artem Demkov was named the ECHL player of the week.

-In yet another indication that there are economic pressures on the NHL to get the CBA done, Sam Carchidi reports that while the league won’t lose money directly from their NBC deal if a season is lost, it does mean the network gets an additional season for free added on to the term of the agreement.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)