Senators News: November 9th

Shane Prince talked about his time in Binghamton thus far:

My role is to help out offensively, and obviously you have to play a defensive game as well, but it was good to get on the board. I’m trying to play more gritty, the AHL is a different league and you have to play harder and get in the corners … That’s my role with those two guys [Zibanejad and Petersson], who are more skill guys. I’m not afraid to play that (gritty) game at all, and sometimes it’s going to be your turn to answer the bell and get in there to stick up for your teammates. It’s important to have a team that’s not going to get pushed around, and when you come into other teams’ rinks they know it’s going to be a tough game. It’s been great living with Cowick. I love the house. It’s an old house right in Binghamton and we have a nice setup, with me upstairs and Cowick downstairs. We get along really well.

-Elmira plays Florida tonight, in a re-match after their 6-3 loss to the Everblades on Wednesday.  Roster moves for Elmira: Binghamton has sent Louie Caporusso back to the Jackals, while Danny New and Benjamin Dieude-Fauvel have been activated from reserve; Jimmy Martin, Jarrett Rush, and Brandon Blandina have all been placed on reserve.

Stu Hackel writes about the CBA negotiations and quotes Damian Cox with the most pertinent point:

(What) you have to avoid is believing that we are at a critical stage, or at the brink, or that D-Day is upon us, or any of the terms bandied about to suggest the talks are at a pivotal moment. They’re not. The 1994-95 lockout was ended on Jan. 11. The 2004-05 season was cancelled (finally) on Feb. 16, and there were even talks after that. We’re not even in mid-November yet. Given history, how can anyone possibly say we’re at a make-or-break point? That’s just phony drama, mostly generated by the media, with little basis in fact. Right now, both sides are bleeding, and both are assessing on a day-to-day basis how much more they want to bleed, and measuring their losses against the possible gains, and calculating how far they can push the other side for maximum advantage. That’s all this really is at this point. Math, with some poker thrown in.

Varada broke his long blogging silence to say that while he’ll come back to the NHL when the lockout is over he’s refusing to spend money on it because of his anger.  I understand his frustration, but I don’t have the same reaction.  The league (and the players) don’t owe us anything–they talk about a special relationship with the fanbase, but that’s simply marketing to sell a few more tickets and jerseys.  What matters most to the NHL and NHLPA is the bottom line and the feelings and opinions of fans are irrelevant unless large numbers of us stop consuming their product.  For me, understanding the reality of the situation sucks out all emotion other than irritation over the situation remaining unresolved.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)


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