Senators News: November 27th

Ian C. McLaren writes about Binghamton’s recent success (nothing new here, but it nicely encapsulates how good the team has been of late).

-Here’s the weekly prospect update (for players with more than 10 games played I’ve indicated where they are in scoring; for blueliners they are compared to other defensemen on the team):

Matt Puempel (OHL Kitchener) 25-21-7-28 (1st)
Cody Ceci (OHL Ottawa) 27-7-21-28 (1st)
Stefan Noesen (OHL Plymouth) 21-14-8-22 (t-1st)
Jordan Fransoo (WHL Victoria) 20-2-6-8 (t-2nd)
Jakub Culek (QMJHL Cape Breton) 6-4-2-6 (10th)
Jarrod Maidens (OHL Owen Sound) (injured)
Chris Driedger (WHL Calgary) 14-3-2 2.24 .923
Francois Brassard (QMJHL Quebec) 14-5-1 2.56 .905

Allsvenskan (Swe)
Mikael Wikstrand (Mora) 24-9-7-16 (1st)

Nikita Filatov (Salavat) 28-8-9-17 (2nd)

Ryan Dzingel (Ohio) – 12-5-5-10 (2nd)
Max McCormick (Ohio) – 12-4-4-8 (3rd)
Jeff Costello (Notre Dame) – 10-5-4-9 (t-2nd)
Bryce Aneloski (Nebraska-Omaha) – 12-2-8-10 (t-1st)
Michael Sdao (Princeton) – 8-2-3-5
Tim Boyle (Union) – 5-0-1-1

Robbie Baillargeon (Indiana) – 20-5-8-13 (6th)

-On the amusing side of things you can read how Tweets got Guy Serota removed as the mediator of the NHL/NHLPA talks.  It’s bemusing that so many people are incapable of controlling themselves on social media.

This article is written by Peter Levi (@eyeonthesens)



  1. It’s good to see Puempel, Ceci and Noesen being point a game players or better. I think when they all turn pro next year, and most likely go to the AHL, they will tear the league up.

    I’m glad too that Culek is playing again and is able to develop more. I thinik he can be a solid bottom six forward someday.

    Filatov has really cooled off from his hot start to the year in the KHL. I’m losing hope that he may someday be a player for us in Ottawa.

    • All three are first round picks so the odds are definitely in their favour to turn into useful pieces for the Sens–I agree that it’s likely they will be in the AHL next year, although I’m not sure what their impact will be initially.
      Culek’s hope as a pro is to be a penalty-killing depth forward–it’s great that he’s finally able to play.
      I’m not sure if Filatov will ever be brought back. The older he gets the more he’ll want a one-way deal and unless he’s blowing up the KHL that’s just not going to happen.

      • I agree with all your points. Oh Filatov, what could have been eh?

      • I think it’s a mix of personal circumstances (his financial responsibilities) and how he was dealt with in Columbus, but yeah, it’s too bad on Ottawa’s side of things (although I still think the risk was worth it).

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